Queen of Chaos Rayna Brock, whose eleven mugshots went viral, has revealed she’s turned to God and paid touching tribute to the friend who ‘saved her from taking her own life’

Queen of Chaos Rayna Brock, whose eleven mugshots went viral, has revealed she's turned to God and paid touching tribute to the friend who 'saved her from taking her own life'

A former Kentucky college student dubbed the ‘Queen of Chaos’ has revealed the tragic background behind her 11 viral mugshots.

Rayna Brock, who has become infamous online for her various arrests since 2018, opened up about homelessness, drug use and a childhood spent around parents in jail.

While the 23-year-old Kentucky native flashed a big smile in her now-infamous mugshots, she revealed that behind her calm demeanor was a Xanax addiction.

‘I think why I laughed, honestly, is because I was just high, and I didn’t really care about anything,’ he told The Messenger.

This attitude led to Rayna being arrested multiple times in just five years, on charges of probation violation, stalking, harassment, shoplifting, reckless endangerment and evading police.

His mask was taken March 9, 2021 in Houstonville, KY after he was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief in the first degree.

Raina was expelled from Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University

Raina shared that her parents couldn’t take care of her growing up because they were often in jail or homeless.

He was raised by his grandparents but his life was uprooted when they died within months of each other at the age of 17.

Then a high school student, Rayna said she became homeless and ended up ‘couch-cracking.’ As he was often away from his high school, it was difficult to maintain his attendance.

‘Where I lived was so far that the buses didn’t come home, and I didn’t know where I lived half the time,’ he explained.

Nevertheless, Rayna was accepted into a private Christian college in Kentucky, Georgetown College, with the help of her high school teachers.

But he was kicked out after being caught on LSD.

In later years, Ryan was also expelled from Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University.

He told the Messenger that he had overdosed on heroin in the months before he was kicked out of EKU in 2021.

Newstimesuk.com has reached out to all three schools for comment on this story.

After years of troubled behavior, Raina now says she has turned her life around. She told The Messenger that she found a support system in her boyfriend, stepfather and other friends.

She said she wants to go back to school and will soon tell her story on TikTok.

He was booked into the Boyle County Detention Center on July 19, 2020, charged with terroristic threats and stalking and with a $2000 bond.

In a Facebook post on June 13, she credited her ‘homie’ Bernard Hoskins for taking her in and saving her from taking her own life.

He wrote on Facebook: ‘I’ve grown to embrace my mistakes so I can learn from them. I try to be a better version of myself every day.

‘I’ll never forget where I’ve been and I’ll never forget where I came from! The wrong paths I took led me to the right path! Everyone makes mistakes! We are all human!!!

‘Believe me I’ve made a ton but those same mistakes have taught me valuable lessons and shaped me into the person I am today and I wouldn’t trade them for nothing!’

Newstimesuk.com has reached out to Ryana for comment on this story.

Raina has been arrested at least 11 times for shoplifting in March 2018, terrorism-related offenses in 2020 and theft of firearms in January 2023.

However, in his recent posts he shared inspirational quotes about God and paid tribute to his friend Bernard Hoskins, who he said saved him from sleeping on the street at his lowest point.

In a Facebook post on June 13, she credited her ‘homie’ Bernard Hoskins for saving him from taking his own life and thanked ‘the Lord’ they were both ‘doing so well’ after choosing sobriety.

‘This guy took me in when I was literally at rock bottom and he literally saved me from taking my own life.

‘I burned every bridge I had but she was still there for me.

‘If it wasn’t for him I would have been sleeping on the street many times but he never turned me in and always did what he could for me whether it was feeding my little ass, letting me have a bath or crashing at his place so I had nowhere to go. I am very proud of him.

‘We are both calm and doing very well now and I just have to thank the Lord for that because only God knows what we both went through but we never let it break us!’

Meanwhile, his Instagram story reel titled ‘mugshawty’ – named after the popular account that posts mugshots from across America – details his 11-strong collection of custody headshots.

Her latest face shot post shows her smiling widely with dyed blonde hair in an orange prison jumpsuit after being arrested in July 2020 for terroristic threats in the 3rd degree and stalking in the 2nd degree.

The former student is apparently enjoying her time in the spotlight, and has been sharing news reports covering shots of her face over the past week.

Ryana’s criminal activities have made local news before, with the Richmond Register reporting her 2021 arrest for allegedly stealing a state trooper’s hat and Taser from her car.

On December 7 of that year, Brock was charged with theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and third-degree possession of an unspecified drug.

Mugshots Rayanna Belle Brock timeline

March 6 2018 – Brock was arrested for recklessly endangering a police officer – a crime that places someone at risk of serious injury or death – eluding police, and shopping for items under $500.

His second face shot came just hours later, at 1 a.m. on March 7, 2018, in Boyle County, KY, apparently for the same crime as the day before.

January 7 2019 – Police pictured a pouting Brock after being arrested a second time for violating the terms of his probation for the first offence.

The same face shot was used in police filings for Brock’s arrest on November 25, 2021, for failure to appear at a police station or courthouse.

19 July 2020 – Brock was arraigned following his arrest for terroristic threats and stalking, with a bond set at $2,000.

16 September 2020 – He was arrested for the fourth time for contempt of court / defamation and had a face shot taken which he later described as his ‘favourite’ on social media.

March 9, 2021 – A fifth mugshot is taken of Brock after being arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and criminal mischief in the first degree.

26 November 2021 – Brock is arrested for failure to appear at a police station or courthouse as required by the conditions of a previous arrest.

December 7 2021 – A trooper accused of stealing a hat and Taser from his car was charged with several offences, including possession of cannabis and receiving stolen property.

15 December 2021 – Eight days later, police re-photographed Brock with a ‘time served’ note listed under his complaint.

July 19 2022 – Brock’s face shots enter double figures after being charged with stealing a firearm on the Kentucky Offender Online Lookup website.

January 16 2023 – The last face shot of Brock was taken after he was arrested on another firearms theft charge.

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