Viral video of date fleeing NYC for Hampton Beach divides the internet

Viral video of date fleeing NYC for Hampton Beach divides the internet

A New York City influencer faced both ridicule and support online after posting a video of a date in the Hamptons — which critics said was staged.

Taylor Page describes herself as ‘a trained dancer, executive assistant at a big shot investment firm, mature lifestyle and fashion influencer’.

On Sunday, Paige posted a video describing how ‘a rich man took me on a date in the Hamptons’.

The clip shows him being driven out of Manhattan and then getting on a motorboat to cross the water. He pointed out a restaurant called Rumba in Hampton Bays, where he said he had lunch with ribs.

Critics — including thousands who commented on social media — pointed out that she only filmed herself, with seemingly no one else there. Some say the entire ‘date’ was staged for his 4,400 followers.

“This is borderline cringe,” said one user on a New York City-based site that reshared the video. ‘Feature real NY’ers instead of transplant nobodies.’

New York City-based influencer Taylor Paige shared a video with her 4,400 followers on Sunday of what she said was a ‘date’ with a rich man.

Paige says her ‘date’ allows her to pilot the boat

The video begins with Paige explaining to her that she ‘needs to get an Uber’ to get her out of town and then picking her up and taking her to the marina.

He films the white boat, and then sits on it himself, telling her to relax.

Paige films Rumba, a Caribbean restaurant on Shinnecock Bay in Hampton Bays, and films the cocktails but not the food: she says the ribs are delicious.

‘If you go with someone who has a boat, it’s a beautiful place,’ he says.

She then filmed herself on the beach before returning to town – showing her sitting in a Dunkin’ Donuts plastic bag in the car, as she said her clothes were still wet.

He then photographed boating and sitting on a beach before returning to Manhattan.

Some immediately found the video suspicious.

‘Looks like someone took a solo trip and tried to play it off as a date,’ said one.

‘The videos are carefully edited so that we never see the rich man. Notice he forgot to record the food, but not the drink. Ordering two drinks is easy to record. Someone was there instead of ordering two plates of food.

‘If this rich man wanted to hide his identity, he could have shot him in the neck or recorded his hands or feet. Yeah, I’ve seen people pull that trick before.’

Paige told her followers that ‘a rich man’ took her out on a date

He showed his followers the boat in which they had traveled

Paige doesn’t show her dates, but only pictures of herself

He also pointed out the Hampton Bays restaurant where they said they had lunch, Rumba

Page pictured two drinks, but no food, which critics said was because she didn’t want to pay for two meals just for her meal.

Paige claims that, after lunch, she and her date sat on the beach

Another said: ‘Your phone was mostly out of date. Your company has been exciting.’

Another added: ‘It was a Groupon deal.’

Paige herself did not respond to’s request for comment, but laughed off criticism online.

‘Lord, here we go with the commentary!’ she wrote. ‘Some will be all hate some will be sweet but either way I will be entertained.’

He added: ‘Everyone is so creative! These comments made me weak.’

Some say the condemnation is racist.

‘Most people are just mad at the comments, they don’t like to see black women being assaulted,’ said one.

‘It’s an amazing experience for him,’ said another.

‘It wouldn’t be a big deal if he told this guy he was a content creator to allow him to record his experience. This is how he gets paid! So I don’t see the problem.

‘That was a bomb ass date.’

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