Tragedy kills 9-year-old after being thrown from quad bike his father was driving near Perth

Tragedy kills 9-year-old after being thrown from quad bike his father was driving near Perth

Tragedy kills 9-year-old after being thrown from quad bike his father was driving near Perth

Family of Layla Lupica killed in quad bike tragedy hope her death will not be in vain WA Government to review regulations

The grieving family of a little girl who was tragically killed in a horror quad bike accident have spoken out.

Layla Lupica, 9, was a passenger on a quad bike driven by her father along a popular path in Langford Park in Jarrahdale, south-east of Perth, when the car rolled.

Laila was thrown from the quad bike and died on the spot despite desperate efforts to revive her.

Her father, 34, was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

As the West Australian government promises to review quad bike regulations, Laila’s grandfather Mike Repike has broken his silence in the hope that others will learn from the tragedy.

Layla Lupica (pictured) died in a tragic quad bike accident south-east of Perth on Saturday

In a statement, Mr Rapike said: ‘There is no greater sadness than the death of a young child who has no choice whether to live or die.

‘I hope this unfortunate event is not a wasted death’.

WA Premier Roger Cook also issued a desperate plea.

‘I just think it’s a horrible tragedy, and it must have been horrible for those who were there and horrible for the family, and my heart goes out to them,’ she told reporters.

‘It’s a terribly sad situation.’

The state government will now review the quad bike rules

‘Quad bikes and other types of off-road vehicles are great adventure equipment, but they need to be treated with great respect and care,’ Mr Cook said.

Police investigating quad bike tragedy return to scene on Sunday (pictured)

The tragedy happened at Langford Park (pictured), a popular weekend spot for families

Police returned to the scene of the tragedy with drones on Sunday to try to piece together how the rollover happened.

No charges have been laid at this early stage.

It may take months to figure out how quad biking went so horribly wrong.

Langford Park is a popular weekend spot for mountain and quad bike riders and hikers.

Other visitors to the park were shocked to learn of the tragedy.

How the tragedy unfolded could take months to figure out (pictures of the scene)

‘It’s horrible… you know, people come out to have a good family time and something like this happens and it breaks people’s hearts,’ one woman told reporters.

Laila is the ninth person to die in a quad bike accident this year and comes just weeks after a four-year-old girl was killed on a rural property in south-west Queensland.

Investigators are appealing to park visitors who saw the quad bike approaching the rollover.

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