Newly-declassified intelligence documents reveal how CIA officers saw two ‘flying disc’ UFOs over the Soviet Union during the Cold War


A new set of John F. Kennedy assassination documents may add more fuel to the UFO fever gripping the nation.

Buried in a trove of more than 1,103 documents is an excerpt from a 1955 US Air Force cable from ‘three reliable US observers’ who saw flying saucers over the Soviet Union.

A Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official, senators and military personnel reported that ‘two mounds and circular unorthodox aircraft similar to flying saucers or flying saucers were seen flying almost vertically.’

The document describes rolling and shooting ‘sparks or flames’ before passing over the train.

The 1955 ‘flying saucer’ account comes the same week as ‘dynamite’ witnesses prepare to speak to Congress on Wednesday to testify about their direct knowledge of UFOs.

In the ‘Trancaucasus region’ description of the incident, ‘two mounds and circular unorthodox aircraft similar to flying saucers or flying saucers were seen flying vertically about one minute apart.’

A cable excerpt from the US Air Force reveals Efron, Senator Richard Russell and Lt. Col. Eu. Hathaway.

The files relate to the assassination of the president in 1963, and a batch of 1,103 was released on June 27, leaving 90 percent of the total unsealed.

This move was made in 1992 by John F. The Kennedy assassination is part of the Records Collection Act, which required officials to release all records by October 2017.

However, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump delayed at the behest of the FBI and CIA.

The National Archives and Records Administration has released more than 2,600 documents since April, but only last month did the Flying Saucer report become public.

The new redacted document also includes a name that was previously withheld from all other documents – Reuben Efron.

Efron allegedly monitored JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail correspondents months before the president was shot.

Efron, Senator Richard Russell (D-GA), and Lt. Col. EU Hathaway traveled between Atzati and Adjizabu in the Soviet Union on October 5, 1955.

Russell supported a large military build-up throughout the Cold War, but it is unknown why the three men were in the USSR at the time.

Official documents state that ‘reports of unusual aircraft sightings in the USSR’ were made by ‘three reliable US observers’.

‘Both flying disc aircraft rose relatively slowly to around 6,000 [feet]Then speed increases sharply in both horizontal flights on a northerly heading,’ the report reads.

Three US officials reported seeing two searchlights ‘directed almost vertically’ about one to two miles south of the rail line.

JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald (right) on November 20, 1963.

Senator Richard Russell (pictured) is named in the document as a witness to UFOs over the Soviet Union.

‘After the sighting, the people on the Soviet train became agitated and pulled down the curtains and refused permission to look through the windows,’ the document reads.

‘American observers strongly believe that these unorthodox aircraft are flying saucers or disk aircraft.’

After arriving in Prague, the three went to the US Embassy and met with Lt. Col. Thomas S. Ryan, who served as the US Air Attaché at the embassy.

News of the encounter slowly reached the United States. When the Los Angeles Examiner pressed for details, Russell said: ‘I have discussed the matter with the affected agencies and they feel it is unwise to publicize the matter at this time.’

Russell would later sit on the Warren Commission tasked with investigating the JFK assassination.

The name of the CIA agent, Efron, is also making waves online, as investigators and researchers believe his operations prove that Oswald has been on the US government’s radar for some time.

It was known that the US government had intercepted Oswald’s mail, but Efron’s name had been redacted from the files – until last month.

The account of Efron and two other men’s flying saucers comes as many officials prepare to speak before Congress about Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

At 10 a.m. ET on Wednesday, several witnesses will take the stand to explain what they saw or know about the UAPs.

Air Force and intelligence veteran David Grush — whose jaw-dropping claims of an illegal UFO crash recovery program operating within the classified world were revealed this June — will be among those taking the oath.

Congressman Tim Burchett said Tuesday, ‘We have three dynamite witnesses.

‘They are professionals. They’re military,’ the Tennessee Republican noted. ‘They are people who were there and saw what they saw.’

Two other witnesses, announced in a press release this morning, are retired US Navy veteran fighter pilot Commander David Fraver, witness to the 2004 Nimitz ‘Tick Tac’ UFO, and Lt. Ryan Graves, whose naval squadron captured video on the infamous gimbal and UFAST 2 Infra 2.

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Senator Mike Rounds (R-SD) are spearheading an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would make government records related to Anonymous Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) bear a presumption of disclosure.

‘For decades, many Americans have been fascinated by mysterious and unexplained objects, and they are long overdue for some answers,’ Schumer said.

‘The American public has a right to know about unknown sources, non-human intelligence and unexplained phenomena. We are working not only to publicize what the government has previously learned about this phenomenon but also to the public to create a pipeline for future research.’

Why is the assassination of JFK still widely debated?

Shown is John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States

President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 as his motorcade passed through Dallas, Texas.

The president was targeted by a sniper, who fatally shot him in the head as his uncovered car drove through Dealey Plaza.

Within an hour of the assassination, former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed a Dallas police officer, leading to his arrest at a movie theater where he had been hiding.

He was later charged with Kennedy’s murder, although he denied the charges – but, two days later, was fatally shot while holding up local nightclub owner Jack Ruby.

After the assassination, five government investigations concluded that Oswald was the killer. However, some claimed that there were irregularities and ‘oddities’ in both the investigation and the results.

The assassination was captured on numerous recordings, most notably the famous footage filmed by civilian Abraham Zapruder using an 8-mm home video camera.

The Zapruder film captured the entire sequence of fatal events in about 8 seconds. But instead of clarifying what happened, the footage has spawned countless conspiracy theories.

Despite the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald and subsequent analysis showing that JFK’s wounds were consistent with the type of rifle Oswald owned, skeptics have proposed that there was a second gunman standing on a hill in front of the motorcade.

The most famous of these is the Grassy Knoll theory, which centers on the argument that the president moved ‘back and to the left’ immediately after being shot.

This, according to proponents of the second gunman explanation, indicates that JFK was shot from the front by a man standing on a small hill on the northwest side of Daley Plaza, otherwise known as the grass knoll.

But, the theory has been disputed countless times over the years.

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