Kevin Spacey arrives in court as the jury prepares to retire in the Hollywood star’s sexual assault trial

Kevin Spacey arrives in court as the jury prepares to retire in the Hollywood star's sexual assault trial

Kevin Spacey was pictured arriving at a London court today on the final day of his sexual assault trial.

The double Oscar winner, 63, is accused of assaulting four men between 2001 and 2013 ‘for her own sexual gratification’.

Jurors heard throughout the trial that the House of Cards star was a ‘sexual bully’ who delighted in making his victims feel ‘powerless and uncomfortable’.

But Spacey has denied all the allegations, with his lawyer telling jurors that the three accusers were lying and should not be found guilty of ‘passing around’ to a fourth man.

The jury is expected to retire today to consider their verdict after Mr Justice Wall concludes his summing up.

Kevin Spacey, 63, appears today, accused of assaulting four men between 2001 and 2013 ‘for his own sexual gratification’. He denied the allegations

In his closing speech last week, defense barrister Patrick Gibbs, KC, told Southwark Crown Court: ‘There are three liars in this case. We can’t look into their brains with electrodes and know what they’re thinking.

‘Perhaps they know the lies they are telling. problem with [the fourth complainant’s] The proof is not that he’s a liar, but that he wasn’t quite as cool as he described – but no one was.’

He questioned the evidence provided by family and friends of the complainants, adding: ‘They directed the police to people they believed would resonate faithfully and truthfully with the stories they told.

‘Be careful to keep this in mind when considering this strand of evidence. It is not independent but comes from the mouth of the complainant and therefore these incidents cannot be independently confirmed.

‘I’m not suggesting they’re liars, I’m suggesting they’re making noise for what they’ve been told.’

A man claims he was repeatedly assaulted by Spacey at his Windsor home in the early 2000s when he took the star to one of Elton John’s white tie and tiara balls AIDS fundraisers.

Regarding the allegations, Mr Gibbs said: ’20 years had passed by the time he came to the police. Late complaints. We tried our best to answer all those years later, whether we succeeded is up to you.

‘What is most? [the man] The claims are so vague and so personal, that it is impossible to contradict them. And then what you’re left with is one word against another.

‘It turned out to be a complete fabrication. It’s that dramatic focal point, it grabs the crotch. Squeezing so hard caused so much pain that he almost broke the car.’

Jurors heard throughout the trial that the House of Cards star is a ‘sexual bully’ who delights in making his victims feel ‘powerless and uncomfortable’.

The lawyer told the court that it was ‘proven by the evidence, fiction’ which was ‘designed to dramatize and dignify a reconstruction long after all that had transpired between those two men’.

‘It is a fiction which insists that he never went through with the contact between the two of them, that he never consented to any kind of sexual touch.

‘It would show if it were true, wouldn’t it? And that suggests what I designed it to show.

‘That it was an abusive relationship involving varying degrees and ultimately violence and aggression. But the Crown now says of the allegations, ‘the date doesn’t matter’.

‘My retort is, they will say now, right? Because they relied on no dates, every single date is unproven.

‘So what date does the Crown’s case now matter? Because there is no date that works.’

Mr Gibbs said: ‘I don’t recommend it [the man] He’s gay, but I suggest he wouldn’t be the first person to meet a charismatic, persuasive admirer.

‘While he may have been embarrassed and confused by it, in a way that has to do with his girlfriend, personally it’s my suggestion that he doesn’t reject it.

Spacey has denied all charges, with his lawyer telling jurors that the three accusers were lying and should not be found guilty of ‘passing the glue’ to a fourth man.

‘Perhaps, I don’t know, I’m not a psychiatrist, he later had to recount what happened not only to his brother, but to himself, because it explained a confusing episode in an otherwise conventional life.

‘Perhaps it helped him to be angry about it. Now that Kevin Spacey has been canceled and people are asking him about it, he has the perfect opportunity.

‘He had the perfect opportunity to rewrite history in those simple terms: ‘I was abused by Kevin Spacey just as I see three other people identified by CPS.’ It was the moment of greatest opportunity to do so.’

Spacey pleaded not guilty in January to three counts of indecent assault, three counts of sexual assault and one count of engaging in sexual activity with a person without consent.

He previously denied four other charges of sexual assault and one of causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

A further charge of indecent assault, an alternative count, was added midway through the trial bringing the total number of alleged offenses to 13.

On Wednesday, four indecent assault charges were dropped by the judge, due to a ‘legal technicality’ and not as a result of the prosecution dropping any charges.

The charges relate to alleged offenses between January 1, 2001 and June 24, 2005.

Two-time Oscar winner Glengarry has starred in Glenn Ross, Seven, LA Confidential and Baby Driver. He also starred in the Netflix series House of Cards.

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