Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuerman’s soundproof room ‘found in basement’: Police bring in cadaver dogs to search his backyard

Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuerman's soundproof room 'found in basement': Police bring in cadaver dogs to search his backyard

Police searched Gilgo Beach murder suspect Rex Heuerman’s home and reportedly discovered a soundproof room in the basement, a neighbor said – police brought dead dogs to search his yard.

Police told a neighbor of the New York architect that they believe at least one woman was killed in the room, which state troopers called a ‘big dig’.

Human’s longtime neighbor in Massapequa, 64-year-old Robert Musto, told the New York Post: ‘He has a soundproof room in the basement. What do you think it was for?’

‘This guy’s a wacko,’ added the retired Long Island Rail Road worker — claiming he heard about the basement from police, who have been searching the scene since Heuerman’s arrest on July 13.

Heuerman was arrested and charged this month with three of the murders of the ‘Gilgo Four,’ a group of women discovered near Gilgo Beach on Long Island in 2010.

He has pleaded not guilty to the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Costello.

State troopers say a ‘major dig’ is underway at the home of New York architect Rex Heuerman. In the photo, state police are collecting evidence at the scene

State police and crime lab teams are working at Heuerman’s home in Massapequa. Saturday’s scene is pictured

Heuermann, 59, was arrested this month and charged with murdering the three women

Musto said: ‘They say there is evidence that he killed at least one girl there.

‘The police are going to dig everything up. Said they’re focused on the soundproof room in the basement but they’ll look at everything.’

Police told the Sunday Post that ‘Police are looking for evidence if the victims were at home, nothing yet.’

Aerial footage of the scene shows teams of investigators digging up earth and collecting evidence in Human’s backyard.

Cadaver dogs were also brought onto the property, according to the post.

Kathy Huber, who lives in the neighborhood and said she went to high school with Heuerman, said locals aren’t bothered by the disruption.

‘We don’t care how long we have to be here,’ Huber, 57, said Sunday.

‘This is a big community of police and firemen, and I find it hard to believe that anyone here would be angry that the police are taking their time and doing a good job.’

Melissa Barthelemy, top left, Amber Costello, top right, Megan Waterman, bottom left, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes. Long Island authorities vow to continue investigating Gilgo Beach killings after an architect was charged with the deaths of three of the 11 people.

Dominic Cancelliari, (pictured) who lived next door to Heuermann for fifteen years, claimed he heard him digging in his backyard in the early hours of the morning.

Dominic Cancellieri, who has lived next door to Heuermann for 15 years, told News Nation last week that on one occasion he heard Heuermann digging up and burning things in his backyard early in the morning.

‘I was watching TV in my basement when I was 18 or 19,’ he told the outlet, ‘I went out around one or two in the morning and heard digging in the yard next door.

‘Now I really wanted to go and look through the fence to check what it was but something stopped me from doing that,’ he said.

‘I was nervous, I wasn’t too sure what I was doing at the time. But with everything coming to fruition now, it doesn’t surprise me in the least,’ said the neighbor.

Heuerman also recalled Cancelli skirmishing over a parking space when he parked his truck halfway across his driveway.

‘I got out of my car and told him he had to move his car,’ he recalled. ‘He got a bit louder, and I got a bit louder and he moved his car.’

‘He would burn his rubbish and I would smell it,’ he added. ‘It seemed like every few weeks I would smell rubbish burning in his house.’

Law enforcement loaded a pair of skates into a truck from Rex Heuerman’s home Thursday

For the seventh day on Thursday, police were seen searching properties for ‘trophies’ that could be linked to the victims

In addition to his cluttered home, Heuerman kept two storage units in Amityville. They were searched yesterday and today

Another local who worked on Heuermann’s plantation told how Heuermann once told him that he would be fired if he ever tried to enter his property.

Troy Weeks, 23, lives a few blocks away from Heuerman in Massapequa Park and mowed the suspect’s lawn weekly or bi-weekly until June 2022.

‘He seemed to have no emotion or personality. He always had the same expression, a blank stare. He was very monotonous when I spoke to him,’ Weeks told

‘He [Heuermann] I was always told, ‘If you’re thirsty or need something to drink, knock on the back door, don’t enter the house.’

“He said if you ever try to open my door, you can’t work for me,” Weeks continued.

I was really surprised to see the condition of his house. Once when I peeked through the back window I saw four coconut heads with faces carved into them.

‘I thought it was very creepy,’ he added, ‘me and my friends called it the house of shrunken heads.’

Heurman stopped working for him in June 2022 when he short changed him $5.

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