Donald Trump’s prosecutor, Jack Smith, has collected nearly $2 million in security costs to protect him and his family from threats as taxpayers spent nearly $10 million investigating the former president.

Donald Trump's prosecutor, Jack Smith, has collected nearly $2 million in security costs to protect him and his family from threats as taxpayers spent nearly $10 million investigating the former president.

The special counsel investigating Donald Trump for allegedly overturning the 2020 election and trying to nullify the 2020 election has cost US taxpayers more than $10 million — including $2 million in security.

Jack Smith was appointed Nov. 18, and now a team of 40 to 60 prosecutors, paralegals and support staff is working to investigate the former president.

On June 8, Smith indicted Trump on 37 counts related to illegally stored documents at Mar-a-Lago. He is expected to be indicted soon for alleged interference in the 2020 election.

Trump has repeatedly referred to Smith, a former war crimes prosecutor, as ‘deranged’, and shared social memes of him wielding a baseball bat at the behest of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is suing him for hush money from the porn star.

Smith, his family and other prosecutors are now being protected by US marshals – at a cost of $2 million so far.

Jack Smith (left) began working on investigations into Donald Trump’s 2020 election meddling and handling of classified documents Nov. 18: In the first four months, the cost to his team was $9.2 million.

Taxpayers spent nearly $2 million on U.S. marshals to protect Smith and his wife, Katie Chevigny (above), and other prosecutors and staff. Trump attacked them all online

Trump appeared in a Manhattan court on April 4 to be sentenced on federal charges related to hush money payments to Stormy Daniels.

Smith’s wife, documentary filmmaker Katy Chevignon, also came under attack from Trump after she learned he made a documentary about Michelle Obama, Biking, and donated to Joe Biden’s campaign.

The couple lived in the Netherlands until last year and have a young daughter.

Smith’s work, surrounding the January 6 riots, is widely seen as the most comprehensive and complex case in history.

On top of the Justice Department’s work to bring those behind the riots to justice, officials from several U.S. attorneys’ offices and all 56 FBI field offices took the lead.

At one point, more than 600 agents and support staff from the bureau were assigned to riot cases.

Smith’s investigation is currently on track to cost US taxpayers $25 million a year, The New York Times reported.

‘What Jack Smith is doing is actually pretty cheap considering the serious nature of the charges,’ said former US Attorney Timothy J. Heaphy, who served as the lead investigator for the House committee investigating the Capitol attack.

Smith filed charges against Trump in June for improperly taking and storing classified documents (pictured, boxes of files investigators hid in a Mar-a-Lago bathroom).

Protester Domenic Santana calls for Trump to be jailed for misappropriating national secrets. Trump was arraigned in Miami on June 13 and will stand trial next year

Smith’s group Robert K. Significantly older than Hurr, who is investigating President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents after he left the vice presidency.

Hur has about 10 to 20 people working for him, and spent about $1.2 million from his appointments from January to March, giving a potential annual cost of $5.6 million.

Robert Mueller’s investigation into 2016 links between the Trump campaign and Russia was similar to Smith’s, and he spent $8.5 million in his first six months.

On Sunday, Trump said the spending was ridiculous.

Trump, seen on Saturday, said Sunday that Smith and his legal team’s expenses were unreasonable

‘Whenever you see these radical lunatics and their partners in the fake news media, President Donald J. As Trump talks about his “trials and tribulations”, please remember that this is all a co-ordinated hoax, just like the Russia, Russia, Russia, “No Collusion” Mueller Witch Hunt, Fake Dossier, FISA Fraud, and Other Crimes Ordered by AL Misconduct Never Seen in the US Confused Jack Smith has already spent $25,000,000!!!’

He added: ‘Just think! Between Mueller, a deranged Jack Smith, and congressional committees, my investigation has cost more than $100 million since I stepped off the escalator at Trump Tower.

‘Biden is a criminal, and relatively little money has been spent investigating him.

‘Get smart, Republicans, they’re trying to steal the election from you!’

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