Warnbro abduction: Nine-year-old girl allegedly taken on her way to school in Perth

Warnbro abduction: Nine-year-old girl allegedly taken on her way to school in Perth

Warnbro abduction: Nine-year-old girl allegedly taken on her way to school in Perth

Ryan Ashley Darken, 37, accused of allegedly kidnapping a nine-year-old girl was taken in Warnborough, WA

The man who abducted a nine-year-old girl on her way to school in broad daylight has been identified.

Ryan Ashley Darken, 37, appeared in Northbridge Magistrates Court in Northbridge, Western Australia on Saturday charged with a series of disturbing offenses over the girl’s abduction.

Charges include detaining another with intent to prevent/prevent a person from doing an act, deprivation of liberty and threatening to do an unlawful act.

Darken kept his head down during the brief court proceedings and responded only to confirm his name and charges, reports The West Australian.

Magistrate Brian Glustein read out his charges because of the ‘seriousness’ of the offences.

Ryan Ashley Darken (pictured), 37, has been charged with abducting a nine-year-old girl in broad daylight.

Darken allegedly lured the nine-year-old girl to a silver ute near Warnbrough Primary School at 8.45am on Friday.

A parent of the school allegedly saw the girl entering the camel and reported it to the school, which triggered a major police operation.

Shortly after, the girl was found crying in a nearby supermarket.

Witnesses claimed that she was barefoot and her hands were tied with wires.

Darken was later arrested and taken to the Rockingham police station.

Acting Detective Inspector Scott Johnson of the Sex Offenses Unit praised the parent who first reported the alleged incident.

‘That’s probably one of the primary factors that solved it – a parent noticing something wasn’t right, seeing a child getting into a car when they were almost at school and reporting it straight away – that’s very important,’ he said.

‘It’s one of those things that parents need to have a hard conversation with kids about stranger danger and talking to someone or going with someone or doing something online.’

The girl who was abducted on CCTV has been dropped off outside an IGA in Port Kennedy

Due to the ‘seriousness’ of the offence, Magistrate Brian Glustein read out his charges to Darken (pictured left) at Northbridge Magistrates’ Court

WA Premier Roger Cook described Trady’s alleged crimes as ‘filthy and depraved’.

‘I don’t think words can describe the absolute disgust and disgust I or the WA community have for this activity,’ he told a press conference on Saturday morning.

‘Our hearts go out to that little girl, to the family and to the police involved in this important work.’

‘If you are looking for a silver lining in these types of events, I am pleased that a member of the community was observing the particular action and was able to respond and report to the police what suspicious activity they saw.’

Darken was ordered held without bail. He will appear before Rockingham Magistrates’ Court on September 4.

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