EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Democrat defector Mesha Minor reveals her daughter, 17, is helping run her office as a Republican

EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Democrat defector Mesha Minor reveals her daughter, 17, is helping run her office as a Republican

Georgia state Rep. Mesha Minor says she’s essentially run her office alone for years – but says since she left the Democratic Party for the Republicans, she’ll have to put in place an entirely new team.

While the decision wasn’t spur of the moment, Maynor told Newstimesuk.com that he doesn’t anticipate needing to hire a team now that he’s a Republican.

Accustomed to running his own office while a Democrat, the lawmaker now says he ‘needs help’ considering the new challenges he’s facing because of the national attention his party switch has brought.

Maynor revealed that her daughter Chloe, 17, who just graduated high school, is already helping her with office logistics – including answering emails and helping with her calendar.

Georgia state Rep. Mesha Minor says she has been running for office since switching from Democrat to Republican.

She told Newstimesuk.com that her 17-year-old daughter, Chloe, is helping with logistics – such as answering emails.

Earlier this month, Maynor announced his decision to leave the Democratic Party and join the Republican Party as he continues to represent an Atlanta area in the George House of Representatives.

The decision, he detailed, led to an onslaught of backlash from his former Democratic colleagues as well as hateful, racism-laden messages from Democratic voters outside his district.

‘Probably, it was spontaneous in terms of logistics,’ Menor said of his decision to announce the switch. ‘It was a build-up, but if I had planned, you know, me telling the world, ‘I’m changing,’ I would have had a team in place because now we’re scrambling.’

Although Georgia state lawmakers already work with skeleton crews most of the time, Mainor revealed that no one works for him now that he’s moved from one team to another.

‘Georgia state representative, we get paid $20,000 a year for a full time job. The other thing is we have a $7,000 stipend to pay for staff for the entire year, any printing, any research. I mean, you have $7,000 to run an organization for 60,000 people,’ Maynor elaborated.

He claimed that you need to raise money through your campaign to hire and pay any real workers.

‘It was me,’ Maynor told Newstimesuk.com in an interview this week. ‘You know, I’ve been a one-man ship, but very effective with just me as a legislator.’

Maynor has two daughters — her youngest is 11 and her oldest, Chloe, 17, just graduated high school.

Maynor said the Republican shift hasn’t affected his family — even though he’s getting hate attacks

But now I definitely need some help. And so we’re in a heavy fundraising field right now so I can get some staff,’ Maynor said before sharing that her 17-year-old daughter is helping pick up some of the slack.

Maynor’s hate speech may have been taken more harshly by others, but the Georgia lawmaker said he was tough and claimed he wasn’t delusional — and said his two daughters weren’t feeling the effects of the attack.

‘My kids have no idea this is happening,’ Maynor said. ‘Teens could care less, you know, they’re not on adult social media. You know, my daughter’s friend can tell that your mom is on my Twitter feed. But so. It’s not like they go into a wide conversation about it.’

‘My 11-year-old has no idea,’ he joked. ‘You know, when I talk to him, I send him video clips. He’s like, ‘Okay, can we have a cheeseburger for dinner?’ He doesn’t care.’

And when it comes to his constituents, Menor says he’s gotten nothing but positive words from his community — and says he plans to run for re-election for his seat now with an R next to his name instead of a D.

When asked why he decided not to take the half-step of identifying as an independent rather than a Republican, Maynor explained the decision was strategic.

“The way Georgia law is set up, you have to get thousands of signatures to get on the ballot as an independent,” he said. ‘If you write one, people must remember how to spell your name.’

‘So it’s not really practical in Georgia [to run as independent].’

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