Boston investment banker Evan Cheung accused of four ‘stranger’ rapes allowed to eat crab on Cape Cod


Boston investment banker Evan Cheung accused of four ‘stranger’ rapes allowed to eat crab on Cape Cod

Evan W. Cheung, 43, is charged with four counts of ‘stranger’ rape dating back to 2003.

A judge has allowed a Boston investment banker accused of four counts of raping girls as young as 13 to crabber on Cape Cod while awaiting trial.

Evan W. Cheung, 43, is charged with four counts of forcible rape of a child under 16, two counts of rape of a child under 16, four counts of aggravated rape and one count of assault with intent to rape.

The former State Street vice president has pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial in Suffolk Superior Court. Now, Judge Catherine Hamm has allowed several concessions on Cheung’s $2 million bail.

Hamm allowed Cheung to miss her 10 p.m. curfew to go crabbing with her family on Cape Cod, take her son to college out of town at the end of August, and attend a concert with her sister and her husband.

‘Mr. Cheung said his family is close and spends time together often. Since his arrest, Mr Cheung has had to miss several events,’ said his lawyer E. Peter Parker wrote to the judge.

Evan W. Cheung, 43, charged with four ‘stranger’ rapes dating back to 2003

Former investment banker granted bail to drop off older son at college and go crabbing on Cape Cod with his family

Parker added ‘her older son will be starting college out of town at the end of August and the whole family’s time together will be extended’.

In requesting permission for crabbing and fishing, the lawyer argued: ‘These activities are tide-dependent and may lead home past the night curfew.’

Cheung was initially charged in Boston Municipal Court on September 13, 2022, and was fired from his financial firm that same day.

Ed Patterson, the company’s chief spokesman, said at the time, ‘We have decided to terminate the individual’s employment.

Each of the four victims alleged rape at knife point, and both adult women told police they had been stabbed.

The first alleged rape charges against Cheung occurred in July 2003, when prosecutors say Cheung, then 23, picked up a 13-year-old girl in Chinatown and assaulted her.

The second rape incident occurred in September when Cheung picked up a 14-year-old girl, drove her to Charlestown and assaulted her.

The next incident occurred in October 2005, when he picked up a woman from a Park Plaza bar and raped her inside his Lexus.

Normally, Cheung is required to return his $500,000 home by 10 p.m. every evening as per his bail conditions.

The fourth alleged assault was against an 18-year-old woman who told police the suspect picked her up outside a pizza place in the North End and drove her somewhere in Wellesley to rape her.

Suffolk District Attorney Kevin R. Hayden’s office said DNA linked Cheung to the rapes of two women in 2005 and 2006.

A pattern of assaults allegedly linked him to the 2003 rapes of a 13-year-old girl and a 14-year-old girl.

More DNA testing is underway, records show.

While on bail, Cheung is subject to GPS monitoring, no contact with the alleged victims, must surrender his passport and remain in the state — unless a judge grants an exception.

Normally, he must abide by a curfew that prevents him from leaving his $500,000 home in Rockland, Massachusetts, between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. every day, which the judge has now waived.

Hayden did not oppose the request because they were minors and Cheung did not violate any bail conditions, his office said.

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