Mums unite against Just Stop Oil: Ferocious women trying to take newborn babies to hospital are blasting eco-stalkers as they block traffic – while another pram-pushing mum tells them ‘You’re not God!’

Mums unite against Just Stop Oil: Ferocious women trying to take newborn babies to hospital are blasting eco-stalkers as they block traffic - while another pram-pushing mum tells them 'You're not God!'

Mums have come together this morning to give Just Stop Oil a dressing down, clashing with eco-zealots over their tone-deaf disruption.

In Westway, Acton, west London, a parent scolded a protester, telling him: ‘I’ve got a baby in my car and we’ve got to go to the hospital.’

But it had no effect on the activists blocking the road.

Separately, a second mother with a pram told protesters: ‘Who are you to decide who gets to go? you are not god Let people be on this road. Don’t tell me you never got into the car.’

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‘I’ve got a baby in my car and we have to go to the hospital,’ the mother tells him in protest.

Another mother then joined in and scolded the activists for blocking the road again today

Just Stop Oil protestors were unmoved by requests to take the newborn to hospital

Climate Crusaders say they have 160 people on the streets today.

They targeted Earls Court Road in west London early in Friday’s protests. Eight people were holding white placards with campaign slogans written on them.

One read ‘Oil on life’, the other read ‘I will not die quietly’.

At one point in the procession, some of the group were pushed by the agitated passers-by. The police then quickly ended the procession by clearing the road and issuing Section 12 notices.

Eight protesters were also seen in Piccadilly and dealt with similarly after 8.25am, as was the case in Euston Road at 8.31am.

Another protest group, Animal Rising, joined the Slow March action.

Undeterred by the near-universal dislike of the show, they copied the strategy but used a pink banner instead of Just Stop Oil’s orange.

Yesterday, Just Stop Oil was mocked by YouTube pranksters who wore similar hi-vis shirts with the phrase Just Stop P***ing Everyone Off. During the protest counter-protesters surrounded them and made them sit on the ground.

A passerby fed up with Just Stop Oil’s repetitive stunts pushed a worker off IB Earl’s Court Road in west London.

The Just Stop Oil march slowly made its way down Earl’s Court Road this morning

It comes after several tense exchanges in the capital this week. An angry motorist confronted environmental activists, telling them to ‘f*** off and get a job’, frustrated by their protest tactics.

Earlier, a pensioner on the side of the road in Stratford, east London, referred to the group as ‘stupid idiots’.

Tensions erupted into violence yesterday when 21-year-old climate protester Daniel Knorr from Oxford – who was kicked off the Lord’s pitch by England cricketer Jonny Bairstow earlier this month – was punched to the floor by a motorist who blamed eco-mobs for crashing his car with his pregnant partner.

Today’s bizarre scene culminated when the so-called shadowy JSPEO group disguised themselves in JSO’s traditional orange t-shirts and mingled with the do-gooders.

And when climate change clowns start disrupting traffic at Elephant and Castle, their new ‘nemeses’ strike.

Forming a ring of human bodies, JSPEO led them off the road and onto the sidewalk.

There, bewildered eco-disgusters sit on the ground before using a megaphone.

The woman, who said she was called Thea, said from the concrete floor: ‘I was arrested for peacefully protesting in the street.

The placard, inked with a childish scrawl, railed against oil and fuel and offered no alternative.

The group was briefly chased off the road by the public but it took the police to stop them

The group was catcalled by YouTube pranksters yesterday in a highly-entertaining stunt

‘We know that disruption is not comfortable, but it is necessary.’

Then pointing to their new archrivals, he added: ‘We meet this circle of people around us and we agree on the same thing if we don’t have that sense of urgency.’

As he continues to say that he is from Canada and ‘has family in the south of France’, the JSPEO interrupts to allow them to leave.

A spokesman added: ‘We are not holding you hostage.’

Earlier a disgruntled bus driver gently nudged Just Stop Oil protesters along a road when their march disrupted his journey.

The motorist saw about 20 eco-zealots in his car crawling behind them along the blocked road.

It came after an angry pedestrian spoke for much of Britain this morning as he blocked the country’s roads with Just Stop Oil eco-zealots.

The retired man shamed the protesters as they made one of their now familiar slow marches through Stratford Broadway in east London just after 9am.

At this point a distraught bus driver gently pushed Just Stop Oil protesters along a road when their march disrupted his journey.

A motorist was seen crawling into his car after eco-zealots along the blocked road on Cromwell Road in central London on Wednesday morning.

Two police officers were visible on the street and were seen telling the man that they would take them away soon.

But the legal order to get them off the road – which was issued at 9.17am – didn’t come quickly enough for them to avoid giving her a piece of her mind.

The man exclaimed: ‘They never worked a day in their lives.

‘I have not worked all my life for your choice. stupid stupid What planet do you live on? I hope the fisherman will rot.’

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