Kate Gosselin has branded her son Colin, 19, ‘violent and unpredictable’ and says he has ‘received multiple psychiatric diagnoses’ – as she accuses him of ‘making up’ allegations that he ‘abused’ her as a child

Kate Gosselin has branded her son Colin, 19, 'violent and unpredictable' and says he has 'received multiple psychiatric diagnoses' - as she accuses him of 'making up' allegations that he 'abused' her as a child

Kate Gosselin has targeted her 19-year-old son Colin, calling him ‘violent and unpredictable’ and claiming he ‘made up’ abuse allegations against her.

The 48-year-old former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star issued a sensational statement against her teenage son on Friday in the wake of his appearance on the VICE TV docuseries, Dark Side of the 2000s, in which he claimed his mother ‘abused’ him as a child and separated him from his seven siblings.

Mother-of-eight Kate broke her silence on her child’s shocking claims just a day after her 22-year-old daughter Maddy shared a lengthy statement on her Instagram Stories and accused Colin of ‘physical violence and hate speech’.

In her own words, Kate echoed Maddie’s claim and said Colin was sent to the Fairmont Behavioral Health Institute in Philadelphia in 2016 because he had ‘received multiple psychiatric diagnoses.’

In her detailed statement, Kate said: ‘I never wanted to do this, but I feel I’ve been backed into a corner and have no choice. Although it is sad for me, I must speak now.

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‘My son Colin, who I love with all my heart, has had multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years. For the safety of me, her siblings, and her own well-being, she was placed in a facility after years of outpatient treatment that proved inadequate for her needs.

‘The decision to admit him was made by emergency room doctors after one of his many attacks/outbursts – this one involving his use of a weapon.’

She continued to People: ‘Fast forward to the present, and after John removed Colin from treatment, my son’s unpredictable and violent behavior towards Jon, Hannah and others around him has sadly continued on a regular basis.

‘Colin’s distorted perception of reality is one of the many things he has always struggled with. As many people who have family members suffering from mental health problems can attest, it is rarely and sadly surprising when complete fabrications occur and this is another heartbreaking aspect of this fight.’

The former reality TV star went on to say that ‘all parent-child relationships are complicated’ and described the situation as ‘incredibly complicated and painful’.

She said: ‘All measures taken in our home were on the express recommendation of her child psychiatrist and/or her specialist team and were done to protect every member of our family, our friends as well as our family pets.

‘Unfortunately, I believe Colin remains a very troubled young man who needs a lot of help. His brothers and sisters and I were not directly involved in his life because of his history of undesired behavior and violent tendencies towards us.

‘What her sister Maddy recently posted on social media is completely accurate and I deeply admire her bravery for doing so. That’s all I have to say and I won’t discuss it any further at this point,’ Kate added.

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Kate’s claims are in stark contrast to what her ex-husband told Vice TV as he alleged that doctors did not have a diagnosis for his son.

The former TV star, who now DJs in her spare time, claims she spent $1 million to get her son out and get full custody. He already had custody of his daughter Hannah, also 19.

In response to Kate’s statement, a representative for John told Newstimesuk.com that his ex-wife was ‘unable to control her abusive language’ towards their son.

The statement read: ‘Posting cruel false allegations against Colin appears to be another way for Kate to justify her inexcusably awful past behavior towards him. True love for a child does not include a mother attacking their son in public.’

‘Colin had to clear the Marines through a full background check, including mental, physical and medical clearance through the US Marine Corps. The full assessment of the government clearly reflects the truth.’

He continued: ‘Don’t forget that a judge awarded sole legal and physical custody of Colin to his father. Kate never appeared in court and never lost full custody of her own son.’

‘Regarding this brand new false allegation, it is clear that even today, despite not seeing her son since 6th standard, she has not been able to control her abusive language towards him.

‘At the moment Colin is training to be a marine to serve his country and is unable to respond to his mother’s callous lies,’ they added.

Another perspective: Kate’s daughter Hannah also made some bold claims to 2000’s Dark Side

John’s daughter Hannah, to whom he also gained custody, appeared on the VICE TV series and made some shocking claims about her mother as well.

According to Hannah, when Colin was young he was often ‘isolated’ from the rest of the children due to bad ‘behaviour’.

He recalled that he was not allowed to play outside with them, or even join them for meals most of the time.

‘He’ll be cut off from us, he won’t be able to come out and play with us. He ate dinner at different times than we did,’ she said.

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