EXCLUSIVE: Leggy blonde married ex-Fox News anchor Ed Henry caught in car during his DUI arrest revealed as his competition winner American Sunrise co-host Karyn Turk – but insists they’re not an item

EXCLUSIVE: Leggy blonde married ex-Fox News anchor Ed Henry caught in car during his DUI arrest revealed as his competition winner American Sunrise co-host Karyn Turk - but insists they're not an item

The mystery blonde caught in the car of married former Fox News anchorman Ed Henry when he was pulled over for DUI in Florida last month has been identified by Newstimesuk.com as his morning co-anchor, Caryn Turk.

In an exclusive interview, Turk admitted to being the woman who opened up to Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office deputies when they arrested Henry on June 20 after he parked his car in Riviera Beach.

Police bodycam footage released by Radar Online shows the former Mrs. Florida, dressed in a body-conscious white dress and heels, scuffling with cops at the scene after Henry was handcuffed and thrown into the back of a squad car.

Speaking to Newstimesuk.com, Turk maintained that he and the 51-year-old journalist have a deep friendship as they begin co-anchoring Real America’s first show American Sunrise in early 2022.

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Turkish deputies caught on body camera not reading Henry his Miranda rights

Former Fox News host Ed Henry mugs after being arrested on a DUI charge after he parked his car in Riviera Beach, Florida on June 20.

American Sunrise co-anchor Karyn Turk admitted to being in the car with the married host (pictured with wife Shirley Hung) after police body cam footage showed a mysterious blonde arguing with officers during a stop.

Turk, 50, acknowledged that the optics of the early June 20 arrest in suburban West Palm Beach — she, recently divorced, and Henry still reeling from her 2020 firing by Fox News for sexual misconduct, and both found alone in Henry’s car after a business dinner — could be confusing.

However, Turk says, there shouldn’t be any: they’re not an item.

‘Ed is married and I have a boyfriend,’ she said.

‘But Ed is my best friend. I love these people. He is an incredible man who has always treated me with respect and care. He is a genuine, loving person.

He added, ‘We have never had sex and never will.’

Henry is married to Shirley Hung, a managing editor at National Public Radio, who once worked for CNN with her husband before moving to Fox News in 2011 and becoming co-anchor of America’s Newsroom.

Henry’s marriage, Turk says, has cost him his Fox anchoring position in June 2020 despite several scandals.

He was fired after an investigation by the network for ‘intentional sexual misconduct in the workplace’.

Speaking to Newstimesuk.com, Turk – who is recently divorced – maintained that the two have a close friendship and that their relationship is strictly platonic.

The two began co-anchoring Real America’s first show American Sunrise in early 2022.

The Turk admitted how the optics of the June 20 stop could raise questions but insisted Henry is married and in a relationship.

Former Fox Business producer Jennifer Eckhart then sued Henry and the network for what she claimed was rape in 2017.

Her lawsuit also claims that Henry targeted her and other women who responded to his advances because they were worried about their jobs.

Fox previously suspended Henry from covering Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign after his alleged affair with a cocktail waitress in Las Vegas came to light.

Still, Henry’s marriage to Hung survived, and Turk says he considers Hung a friend, not a love rival.

Turk said his closeness to Henry sparked several heated exchanges with the arresting deputies during his DUI arrest — which he claims was political.

‘There’s no doubt in my mind that Ed is the victim of a political case,’ Turk said.

‘He was wearing a polo shirt with the word Trump very visible. I told a deputy I assumed he wasn’t a Trump supporter and he didn’t like it.’

Turkish deputies caught on body camera not reading Henry his Miranda rights.

‘We’re in a corrupt society now with a two-tier legal justice system, I know who you work for, … but you’re arresting someone who shouldn’t be arrested,’ Turk tells a deputy.

He then threatened to charge her with ‘obstructing the investigation’ and she calmed down, the videos show.

‘I was a little hot,’ said the Turk. ‘I was sober watching my best friend get arrested for DUI. You bet I did.’

Turk won the Mrs. Florida pageant in 2016

Like his co-host, the Republican pundit is no stranger to controversy or legal trouble, as he was convicted of Social Security fraud in 2020 for stealing his deceased mother’s Social Security checks.

According to Turk, Henry was released at 5:30 a.m. on June 21 and headed straight to work that morning to promote.

Turki was not arrested during the incident.

Deputies cuffed and booked Henry despite blowing three breathalyzer tests below Florida’s .08 blood alcohol limit.

According to the sheriff’s office’s own documents, Henry blew a .079 twice and then drew a .077 two hours later.

Arrest records show deputies arrested the former Fox star based solely on observing his ‘glassy and bloodshot’ eyes, ‘a distinct odor of an unknown alcoholic beverage,’ an ‘unsteady gait’ and his ‘slightly slurred’ speech.

Deputies noted that Henry was ‘cooperative, polite’ during the stop.

They noted that Henry failed the sobriety test in several areas that are often considered subjective by courts.

In one, the ‘finger to nose’ test, Henry was convicted of using ‘the pad of his finger’ to touch his nose instead of his fingertips, according to arrest papers.

Turk said he and Henry drove together to Singer Island in Henry’s Cadillac Escalade for a business dinner at a Marriott resort with a Donald Trump campaign official.

Henry told deputies he consumed two bourbons during the two-hour dinner, one of which he drank only halfway through.

Henry and Turk left the Marriott shortly before 8pm on an evening tropical downpour to return to their respective homes.

Henry, pictured during his time as Fox News White House correspondent in 2011, was fired from the network in 2020 for ‘intentional sexual misconduct in the workplace’

Henry’s marriage seems to be going strong, despite several scandals involving the journalist. He has been married to Shirley Hung, a managing editor at NPR, since 2010. They are pictured together with Wendy and Ed Schultz at a White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2012.

Turk said Henry hit something with his car — either a curb or part of a car’s exhaust system on the road — because the driver’s side front tire began to lose air while driving through a poor area of ​​Riviera Beach.

‘We didn’t want to stop anywhere dangerous in the ghetto, so Ed decided we could go to his Cadillac dealership,’ said Turk.

According to the incident report, an undercover deputy began tailing an unmarked vehicle without assisting Henry, even though Henry’s vehicle was apparently experiencing trouble.

In his report, the deputy reported ‘the grinding noise’ of the track rolling on the rim.

As Henry took a turn, the damaged tire came off the rim and rolled into oncoming traffic as motorists had to swerve to avoid hitting it, according to reports.

‘The man was not drunk,’ Turk told Newstimesuk.com. ‘He did exactly what he was supposed to do and got us safely to a parking spot at the dealership.’

As the car stopped, Turk said a squad car was behind them and blaring its siren. A voice over the loudspeaker told them to get out.

Henry was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail that night and released a few hours later.

It’s unclear whether the county’s state’s attorney’s office will file charges and prosecute the case.

When he was detained, the officer administering Henry’s breathalyzer test declared that his speech was ‘slurred’.

‘Of course his speech is pronounced,’ said the Turk. ‘He’s a crazy anchorman. His job is to speak well.’

At 5:30 a.m. on June 21st, Henry was released and headed straight to work. He was on air with Turk at 7am and hasn’t missed a show since.

Like Henry, meanwhile, Turk had his share of controversy.

In 2016, known as Mrs. Florida, Turki was convicted of Social Security fraud for stealing her deceased mother’s Social Security checks. He spent one month in a federal lockup and five months under house arrest in 2020.

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