Detransitioner Bitterly Regrets Having Testicles Removed After Struggling With Being Gay

Detransitioner Bitterly Regrets Having Testicles Removed After Struggling With Being Gay

A young man who has previously been outed by doctors as a transwoman has warned others not to follow in his footsteps.

The young man, known only as Kobe, revealed how he bitterly regrets his decision to transition and was told to ‘play the suicide card’ by older trans people to seek treatment.

He started puberty blockers at age 13, had his testicles removed at 19 — and now suffers from severe spinal pain that he fears may be osteoporosis, the bone injury associated with puberty blockers.

Speaking to Fox News, he detailed how, despite having thoughts of being trans, he now realizes he was a ‘proud’ gay boy who enjoyed playing with Barbies, but who was uncomfortable with his sexuality.

Kobe also told the outlet that if he hadn’t been ‘idealized’ by gender ideology, he probably would have stayed that way.

He said: ‘I was always a cheerful boy, growing up I was very girly. I liked Barbie, I liked pink.’

At age eleven, Kobe, pictured here on the Benjamin Boyce podcast at right, said he told his parents he was transgender, which was quickly denied.

The young man, known only as Kobe, is pictured on the left after he decided to call off the transfer and on the right after making the decision, which he now regrets.

Because of the hormones he had to take, Kobe now suffers from severe back pain and has developed an eating disorder

Kobe continued: ‘If I had never been inspired, I think I would have been just a cheerful boy. I saw it as a way to come out of my homosexuality.

At age eleven, she said she told her parents she was transgender, which was quickly rejected.

A few years later, at age 13, Kobe came out as transgender again and said he used ‘suicide tactics’ to transition.

He said: ‘I started using suicide tactics, pass or die. It is such an unhealthy mindset.

‘Older trans people teach us to get health care and everything.’

From there, he was put on puberty blockers and then castration surgery at age 19 followed by estrogen at age 16.

Despite all this, Kobe said it did nothing to help his mental health and wasted time.

Kobe continued: ‘I was like, ‘Oh, wow, this is so cool. I stuck to my transition, but then everything started to crack and I couldn’t ignore the complications.

‘I couldn’t ignore that I had mutilated myself a lot with the permission of a psychiatrist. It’s crazy now, looking back. It’s just self-harm, you know.’

She is now permanently stunted in growth and suffers from chronic pain in her spine due to puberty blockers and will be tested for osteoporosis.

Along with Fox News, Kobe also appeared on Benjamin Boyce’s podcast to talk about his decision.

Kobe told Fox that the transition didn’t make him any happier or help his mental health

Kobe, pictured here, says he was a flamboyant youth and was later ‘educated’ by gender ideology

Kobe also developed an eating disorder due to taking hormonal drugs that caused problems with his metabolism.

Despite being off hormone medication for months, Fox reported that even during their interview, Kobe had to stop several times when they impaired his cognition.

In an authorization letter for him to proceed with hormone replacement therapy, it characterized Kobe as happy and mentally stable.

Nevertheless, he told the outlet: ‘None of that is true. I was not mentally stable. I hated myself. I wanted to die, and I was constantly trying to be something I wasn’t.’

His surgery was then canceled and he instead chose to have his testicles removed as a ‘middle ground’, believing his testosterone to be ‘poison’.

Cobb had family acceptance and ‘passed’ as a girl but, despite all the intervention, she remained unhappy.

Despite taking hormones and being accepted by her family, she was still unhappy

Without the gonads, Kobe will have to take artificial testosterone for the rest of his life, which he recently started taking.

On taking testosterone, he said: ‘I feel alive again. I am confident. I just, I feel great. And it just goes to show that cross-sex hormones are bad.’

As for her future plans, she said: ‘It’s just reconnecting with the things I enjoyed before I got sucked into all this.

‘Because during the time I was living as trans, I didn’t have any hobbies or interests, I didn’t really have anything. It was just becoming this caricature of a woman and everything that surrounds it.

‘I am now and trying to recover everything. It’s hard. I have breasts, I have the development of a woman’s hips because I started estrogen young.

‘I have no gonads. You know, it’s hard. My skull has never been masculinised.’

Asked what people want to know about him, Kobe said: ‘I feel very strong for what I’ve been through. I am a very empathetic person.

‘I look after kids who suffer from gender dysphoria and everything. And I think they deserve help. But I don’t think that helps.’

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