The woman complained that staff prevented her from using the bathroom for two hours after she urinated on the floor of a Spirit Airlines jet

The woman complained that staff prevented her from using the bathroom for two hours after she urinated on the floor of a Spirit Airlines jet

A woman was caught urinating on the floor of a plane after complaining that staff prevented her from using the bathroom for two hours.

Videos posted online show an unidentified woman urinating as a Spirit Airlines jet flight attendant, wearing a black and yellow Spirit Airlines uniform, sitting in the corner, seemingly taking pictures of her.

The woman yelled at the flight attendant that she needed to pee for two hours, but was told she wasn’t allowed and the bathroom door was closed.

The incident comes amid a spate of restless passengers on planes in the wake of the Covid pandemic.

A passenger on a flight has been photographed sitting and urinating in a corner

The incident appears to have taken place on a Spirit Airlines flight, with a flight attendant wearing a black and yellow uniform.

In the short video posted online Thursday, the woman claims she was denied access to a bathroom on a flight.

‘I have to pee for two hours, you tell me you can’t, you close the door,’ he told the flight attendant who was filming him.

The flight attendant filmed her then says she should ‘say hello to the camera for me’, to which the woman says the flight attendant should ‘blame herself’.

‘Your plane has stopped, I said I can’t hold my piss.

‘You can do whatever you want,’ he tells the flight attendant. ‘You can send a warrant, it’s better to arrest me.’

Meanwhile, the flight attendant tells him he should drink some water ‘because your pee smells disgusting.’

At the end of the 20-second video, the passenger gets up and pulls up his pants, before he starts to walk away. has contacted Spirit Airlines for comment.

In the video, the woman claims she was not allowed to enter the bathroom for two hours. He is seen here finishing his pants before leaving

The incident comes as passengers continue to express anger on flights, as international travel has increased following the Covid pandemic.

Earlier this month, an agitated business class passenger was kicked off a transatlantic United Airlines flight after he began complaining that his meal choice was unavailable.

Multiple people, both in the air and on the ground as the flight diverted, recorded the man grumbling about how he didn’t get the meal he wanted – saying he was ‘treated cheaply’ after forking over an extra $1,000 for a business class ticket.

Passengers are usually served a full three-course meal with additional meals throughout the flight.

The airline later confirmed that flight UA20 from Houston to Amsterdam was forced to make an unscheduled stop in Chicago on July 9 due to passenger disturbances.

Before the Boeing 777-200 made its way over the Atlantic Ocean, the decision was made to divert the aircraft and remove the man, who was recorded harassing staff and other passengers.

The unidentified man in question was forced to disembark just 2 hours and 30 minutes into the flight.

After the flight was refueled, passengers were able to continue their transatlantic flight to Amsterdam.

A business class United Airlines passenger was kicked off a transatlantic flight on July 9 after he started complaining about his meal choices being unavailable.

In a separate video shot at the terminal in Chicago, the agitated passenger is taken off the plane and then continues to brawl while talking to United ground staff at the gate.

On another flight this month, two women got into a mid-air fight.

Videos posted online showed the women going berserk, screaming and yelling at each other while other passengers were physically restrained.

Their frustration angered those on board as frustrated passengers pleaded with the women to ‘shut up’ and ‘take some class’, which only fueled their frenzy and led to one even hitting a man in the head as he made his way down the aisle.

After hours of efforts to calm them down failed, Frontier Airlines Flight 2143 from Philadelphia to Las Vegas was diverted to Denver so police could evacuate them.

It is unclear if they have faced any charges.

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