Country legends Travis Tritt and Pat Boone tell Jason Aldean to ignore critics of controversial ‘Small Town’ video: ‘Curse of the social media torpedo’

Country legends Travis Tritt and Pat Boone tell Jason Aldean to ignore critics of controversial 'Small Town' video: 'Curse of the social media torpedo'

Country music star Jason Aldean who has sparked controversy with his new hit song ‘Try That In A Small Town’ has been backed by country legends Travis Tritt and Pat Boone.

Aldean, 46, released the song last Friday and has since been slammed for interlacing clips of BLM protesters vandalizing cities with songs espousing traditional values.

Since then, legendary singer Pat Boone, 89, has come to the quadruple-platinum singer’s aid, branding Aldean’s attempts to cancel as ‘sick’.

Grammy Award-winning country singer Travis Tritt also fired back at the singer’s critics over the video.

In a Twitter post, Treat urged Aldean to ‘curse the social media torpedoes’ and ‘say what you want and be what you want’.

Travis Tritt, pictured here, urged Aldean to ‘say what you want and be what you want to be’.

In the music video, Aldean sings before interspersing an American flag with a large white property and clips of BLM protests.

Speaking to Fox News earlier this week, Boone described the country music industry as ‘sick’ of attempts to shun Aldean.

He said: ‘It’s sickening, I can’t believe it’s country music. I’m thinking about Trace Adkins, and of course, many [his] The songs were very helpful in opposing America’s enemies.

‘What we are not taking into account is that many of our enemies are in our own homes and they are in our countries and on our own streets.’

During the Fox interview, he also held up a Colt-44 given to him by his grandfather Pritchard, telling host Jesse Waters that it was exactly the type of weapon families used for self-defense.

Boone added: ‘Someone, country music or not, taking a stand against us taking a stand for our own rights is just sick.

‘It’s just morally sick, I can’t believe anyone is criticizing Jason.’

Tritt tweeted: ‘I want to remind my friend that Twitter and social media in general are not real places.

‘The views shared by many accounts on this platform do not actually represent the vast majority of the population of this country.

‘Say what you want to say and be what you want to be. Curse the social media torpedoes.’

During the Fox interview, Boone pulled out the Colt 44 his grandfather had given him

Jason Aldean performs during CMA Fest 2022 on June 9, 2022 in Nashville, Tenn.

Aldean opens the song: ‘Shove a cop, spit in his face. Stop on the flag and light it. Yes, do you think you are tough? Try a small town.’

The music video was met with backlash among some who felt the lyrics were intended to offend dog whistles, while others saw it as a commentary on America’s sharp divide.

BLM condemned the series of protests across America following the police-killing of George Floyd in 2020, particularly the blow intended to rouse activists for acting as ‘stupid’.

The riots caused billions of dollars in damage and questioned why such a large number of people were willing to break the law, with Aldean suggesting that the unrest was due to people not being ‘raised properly’.

His song continues: ‘Punch someone on the pavement, carjack an old lady at a red light, pull a gun on a liquor store owner – you think it’s good, good, stupid.

‘See how far you can go off the road. Around here, we take care of ourselves. You cross that line, it won’t take you long to find it – I advise you not to try it in a small town.’

Aldean was publicly supported by Grammy Award-winning singer Travis Tritt, with whom he had previously toured.

Country music star used footage of Black Lives Matter riots for divisive lyrics

The song repeatedly references BLM protests. Pictured: NYPD officers block the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge as protests erupt in New York City on June 2, 2020.

One line caused particular offense among some gun-hating listeners, where Aldean sang: ‘Got a gun that my grandpa gave me, they say one day they’re gonna round up… Well, that *** can fly town, good luck. .’

The 46-year-old closes the song with a tribute to Southern values, noting that small towns are full of ‘good ol’ boys, raised right.’ If you’re looking for a fight, try a small town.’

The song was met with mixed reviews, with liberal listeners feeling that Aldean’s touting of Southern ideals and anti-riotism was a right-wing insult, while fans found it difficult to agree with its traditional values.

Taking to Twitter after the song’s release on Friday, Aldean said the hit was inspired by the ‘unspoken rule’ of small towns ‘we all have each other’s backs and we look out for each other.’

Aldean took to Twitter to celebrate releasing his new song to the public on July 14

‘It seems that somewhere along the way, the sense of community and respect was lost. Deep down we are all ready to get back to it,’ he added.

‘I hope my new music video helps you all know you are not alone.’

Fans of the hit-maker began to praise the conservative-tinged tune, with one referring to it as ‘absolutely epic’.

‘(Aldean) is soft on left-wing riots, urban crime regimes, gun control and other left-wing degeneracies,’ they added.

Since the release of the video and music last week, it has divided people on social media over its sound and the nature of the video

‘You have to try not to be offended by it,’ added another, with the country music star agreeing with fans that his focus on traditional values ​​should be meritorious.

But others were quick to slam the singer for his Republican views, with one man claiming they liked his music until they found out how conservative he was.

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