British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley has a message for Republicans who want to turn their backs on Ukraine: America is at its strongest when it embraces the world.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley has a message for Republicans who want to turn their backs on Ukraine: America is at its strongest when it embraces the world.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Wednesday that supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia was in America’s best interest and that America was in its strongest position when engaging with the rest of the world.

The UK has been at the forefront of efforts to send Ukraine’s armed forces, training troops and weapons, as it resists Russian aggression.

But officials have privately expressed concern that a growing strand of isolationism among Republicans who support Donald Trump’s America First stance could cut off aid from Washington, which has sent $40 billion in military aid so far — the largest contribution ever.

Cleverly, who was in the US to attend the Aspen Security Forum, told that he was convinced this was a minority position for now.

But he said his message to skeptics was that the world should stick with Ukraine.

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said it was in America’s best interest to support Ukraine in its war with Ukraine. He appeared at the Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday

The United States on Wednesday announced another $1.3 billion in aid for Ukraine. Equipment in the past has included the TOW missile system that was seen being used in an exercise here in Kentucky

‘Because if we don’t, if we let Putin win, if we don’t establish the principle that you can’t change borders by force, then the world becomes a more dangerous place,’ he said.

‘It’s going to be more disruptive, more expensive, and therefore, we’d better deal with this problem … now and deal with it properly rather than years from now.’

Hard-line Republicans like Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green have slammed the Biden administration for spending billions on Ukraine while failing to close the southern border.

Others highlighted how American families are struggling with rising bills while money flows overseas.

Cleverly stated that America’s place in the world was the wrong way to see it.

“My observation is that if you look at America’s history, it has seen its greatest period of diplomatic influence and economic scale increase when it was most engaged internationally,” he said by phone as he waited for his plane to take off for London. The end of his journey.

The country became the world’s greatest economy during a period in the 20th century when it looked inward rather than outward.

A resident photographs a crater in a cemetery in Odesa, which was hit by a missile strike on July 19, 2023, amid fighting in Ukraine.

British officials are privately concerned that another Trump presidency could cut aid to Ukraine. Boris Johnson recently met with the former president to try to get him on board

‘And during that period, while yes it was spending a lot of money outside its own borders, it was also seeing huge economic growth and diplomatic expansion,’ he said.

‘So my observation is that it is in America’s interest to continue to be an international player.

‘I think America’s head and heart are naturally there. And yes, I think it’s good for the world.’

Trump is the most prominent of Ukraine skeptics. He alleged that the war had taken a toll on US military stockpiles, including missile systems, vehicles and ammunition, and shipments to the battlefield.

He said he would immediately put pressure on both sides to end the conflict, raising fears that a settlement would allow Russia to retain occupied territory.

British politicians have engaged in ever-so-secret operations to keep American cash flowing.

A day earlier he deftly presided over a meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the promises and pitfalls of artificial intelligence. The UK retains the rotating presidency of the organization

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a staunch ally of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, met with the former president in May to remind him of the importance of Ukraine’s victory.

Western diplomatic sources said: ‘If anyone can do it, so can Boris.

Cleverly met with Republicans in Washington in May to gauge their position since taking control of the House in the middle of last year.

And during the visit, he took pains to tell his US audience that the conflict had not reached a stalemate and that it was important to keep aid flowing.

“Don’t be under the illusion that Russia is losing. Ukraine is winning,’ he told the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado, a gathering of world leaders, analysts and military officials.

Wars don’t look like movies, he said, and now is not the time to give up on Ukraine because progress is slow.

“The Russian army spent the winter digging in,” he said.

“They have pounded the southern and southeastern regions of Ukraine with minefields, trench systems, physical barricades, and the Ukrainians have been retaking territory for weeks that took Russia months to gain.

‘Russia is losing the battlefield, and we must not be seduced by Russian propaganda into thinking it is a stalemate. Not this.’

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