Auckland gunman identified after construction site rampage that killed two: His disturbing past revealed

Auckland gunman identified after construction site rampage that killed two: His disturbing past revealed

The gunman responsible for the horrific shooting at an Auckland building that killed two and injured six has been identified.

Matu Tangi Matua Reid, age 24, shot several civilians and at least one police officer before dying in an elevator shaft early Thursday morning.

Daily Mail Australia can confirm the shooter is already being monitored by corrections, and has a history of domestic violence and mental health issues.

Police say the gunman entered the building at 7:20 a.m. before firing several shots. Police were on the scene within minutes, and found two members of the public dead on arrival.

‘At around 8am our armed offenders squad supported by the Special Tactics Group located the offender inside a lift shaft where he barricaded himself and secured the upper and lower floors in an attempt to engage him,’ said Police Commissioner Andrew Koster. .

‘The criminal opened fire on the police and injured an officer. A shootout ensued and the culprit was later found dead.’

The injured officer is expected to undergo surgery on Thursday.

At the time of the shooting, Reed was serving a five-month house arrest sentence for domestic violence charges and was being tracked via an ankle monitor.

Matu Tangi Matua Reid, 24, was under house arrest for domestic violence when he attacked a high-rise in downtown Auckland on Thursday morning.

The 24-year-old shooter was wearing an ankle monitor when he entered a building on Lower Queen Street at 7.20am NZST on Thursday (pictured, a map of the scene).

Three dead, including the gunman, after armed men attack a construction site in Auckland’s CBD (pictured, an injured police officer being taken from the scene)

He was given official approval to carry out house arrest duties from the South Auckland property to the building site where he worked.

Reed was arraigned in March on charges of assault with intent to injure, willful damage, male assault on a female and obstruction of breathing.

Police confirmed the man did not have a gun licence.

‘The individual is primarily known for a history of domestic violence. There is nothing to suggest that he has a higher level of risk than is indicated by that history,’ Commissioner Koster said.

He said the motivation for the attack was unclear but there was some indication of a history of mental health, details of which were not yet available to police.

“His properties have been previously searched, but he was never found to be in possession of any firearms,” ​​the commissioner said.

A woman at a property linked to the man told she spoke to the gunman on Wednesday night, hours before the shooting.

‘He said he loved us and nothing really,’ she said.

His phone was switched off this morning. He was talking to us last night. Everything was fine last night.’

Police asked about 100 traders to take cover on the roof of the building

Timeline of Auckland Shooting:

7:22am: First news of a gunman opening fire at a CBD building under construction in Auckland.

7:41am: Police release statement saying they are responding to a ‘serious incident’. Armed officers at the scene along with six ambulances.

7.47am: Reports of one policeman injured.

7.53am: Several construction workers escape from the building.

7.58am: Armed police enter the building, several construction workers take cover on the roof of the building.

8.08am: Construction shots are heard

8.26am: Police say the incident is in a building.

8.46am: Ambulances are treating six victims, three of whom have serious injuries

9.46am: Police confirm three people killed, including the gunman.

Jolene Cartwright, co-general manager of the TYLA Youth Development Trust, who worked with the gunman in 2017, said they were devastated.

‘We have just found out and are still dealing with the situation. Our thoughts go out to everyone involved in the tragic situation that arose,’ said Cartwright.

New Zealand Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the gunman was armed with a pump-action shotgun and had ‘no political or ideological motive for the shooting’.

“I want to thank the brave men and women of the New Zealand Police who rushed directly into the gunfire to save the lives of others,” he said.

‘Situations like this move quickly and the actions of those who risk their lives to save others are nothing short of heroic.’

The Prime Minister confirmed that the FIFA Women’s World Cup will go ahead as planned and reiterated that the shooting was not an act of terrorism.

Clearly there are many eyes on Auckland as the FIFA World Cup kicks off this evening. The government has spoken to FIFA organizers this morning and the tournament will go ahead as planned,’ he said.

“I reiterate that there is no greater threat to national security. It appears to be the work of one person.

‘My understanding from the advice we have received so far is that there was no political or ideological motivation for the shooting and therefore no national security risk.’

Building worker Sione Phulei said the gunman could have been inside the high-rise building for up to an hour before the shooting began.

He said the building has security and systems that require a pass to enter.

Relieving Auckland District Commander Sunny Patel said the gunman continued to fire as he passed through the upper-level.

‘On reaching the top level of the building, the male confined himself to the lift shaft and our staff attempted to engage him,’ he said.

‘Further shots were fired from the male and he was found dead a short time later.’

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