Trump hired Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuerman for $200K architectural work on his most prized NYC property on Wall Street

Trump hired Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuerman for $200K architectural work on his most prized NYC property on Wall Street

Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuerman was hired by former President Trump for $200,000 in architectural work on one of his most prized properties on Wall Street.

As first reported by The Real Deal, a 2018 filing with the New York City Department of Buildings shows that the Trump Organization hired the alleged serial killer in 2018.

Human’s company, RH Consultants & Associates, was hired for the job on the 72nd floor of the Trump Building on Wall Street in Manhattan’s financial district.

According to the filing, the architect’s firm was hired to ‘renovate the office space on the 17th floor to include minor partition and plumbing changes.’ The estimated total cost of the work is just over $205,000.

Heuerman, 59, was dramatically taken into custody on the street last Thursday night on suspicion of some of New York state’s most gruesome and unsolved murders.

The Trump Building on Wall Street, pictured here, was purchased by the former president in the 90s

Former President Trump reportedly paid less than $8 million for the property, which was previously the tallest building in the world.

Steve Lafioska, named as vice president of property management for the Trump Organization, is listed under owner information in the documents.

The 1930 building was once the tallest in the world and was first purchased by a former president in 1995 for less than $8 million.

Other clients listed on the architect’s business include huge brand names including Target, Footlocker, Nike and Cipriani.

His business office is located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan and he founded the company in 1994.

Services include expediting architecture, interior design and building departments.

Heuerman was dramatically arrested outside his Fifth Avenue farm in midtown Manhattan last Thursday, 13 years after the discovery of four bodies on Gilgo Beach, all wrapped in camouflage burlap sacks.

In total, 11 bodies, including a child, were found along the same stretch.

He is accused of killing three Gilgo Beach victims – Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman and Amber Costello. He pleaded not guilty.

He is also considered the prime suspect in the death of a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes.

Her body was found wrapped and hidden in thick underbrush along a remote beach highway, and authorities have not ruled out further murder charges.

Since his arrest last week, investigators have been searching his Long Island home and removing evidence.

Melissa Barthelemy, top left, Amber Costello, top right, Megan Waterman, bottom left, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes. Long Island authorities vow to continue investigating Gilgo Beach killings after an architect was charged with the deaths of three of the 11 people.

Most recently, it amounted to a torn, stained shirt and a handcuffed key in a workshop.

A fleet of forensic investigators has been searching the 59-year-old architect’s ‘dungeon-like’ Massapequa Park home for a sixth day. spotted an investigator carrying a note with some of the evidence found inside

Among the items on the list were a rope in a vault, a torn man’s shirt with stains in a bag, and handcuff keys on a shelf under a workbench.

It’s unclear when those specific items were cleared from the home or if they were tied to the investigation, but officers are searching the property for ‘trophies’ that may be linked to the victims.

Police on Sunday removed a huge haul of more than 200 weapons from the home.

A fleet of forensic investigators is searching the 59-year-old architect’s ‘dungeon-like’ Massapequa Park home for a sixth day.

Suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuerman left a torn, stained shirt and handcuffed keys in a workshop at his Long Island home.

Over the past few days, several items have been unearthed, including a child-sized blonde doll, a cat and a Playboy magazine housed in a wooden case.

Investigators are also searching two storage units connected to Humane and several boxes were seen outside one on Wednesday.

Blue tarps and white tents have been placed outside the unit to cordon off the scene.

Neighbors previously said the suspected serial killer was always terrifying, leading some adults to instruct their children to avoid their suburban home.

A neighbor, Étienne Devilliers, said Wednesday that Heuermann peeked over their fence to watch his wife sunbathe when they first entered.

He said that at first he thought Heuerman was ‘just being friendly’, but later the conversation between the two was ‘unpleasant’, although he was always ‘friendly and pleasant’ after the incident.

He stopped, did not argue with me. In the middle of a conversation he would say “me, 6ft4, 200lbs”. The man was eccentric but never violent,’ he said.

He described Human’s wife as ‘equally odd’ and ‘very withdrawn’ and mostly kept to herself.

Another Massapequa resident who lives three blocks away said Heuerman was often seen commuting into town on the Long Island Rail Road.

‘I saw him on the train, he looked different – he’s not a little guy,’ said Ricky Tavella.

‘It is very sad. I can’t stand that this man’s house is in my neighborhood.’

Rex Heuerman is featured in his Tinder profile picture. Police tracked down the fictitious email account used in his profile and his burner phone number in the case

Etienne Devilliers, pictured here, said Wednesday that Heuermann saw them peeking over the fence to watch his wife sunbathing when they first entered.

The old Playboy issues were removed from the home this week and placed in the evidence van

New York State Troopers removed hundreds of guns from a ‘wall of vaults’ inside Heuerman’s home over the weekend.

The investigation into Heuerman now spans at least three states, including South Carolina where he owns property and Nevada where he owns a condo in Sin City.

Last week, police seized a rare first-generation Chevy Avalanche at his younger brother Craig’s home in rural Chester.

Exclusive pictures show the truck being examined by New York state investigators before it began its journey north on Tuesday.

Police linked Avalanche to the murder of Amber Costello, a sex worker whose body was found in December 2010. He went missing three months ago. understands Heuerman sold the car to his brother who regularly drives it down the road to his 18-acre compound in Chester, South Carolina.

Neighbors told that Craig was often seen driving around the area, filling the back with wood and other items to dig holes in his property.

Heuermann’s rare first-generation Chevy Avalanche was impounded by cops in rural South Carolina and is now on its way back to New York.

Forensic investigators continue to comb through Human’s possessions

Neighbors described Craig, 57, as ‘crazy’ and ‘a nut’, with one expressing concern over any ‘burial of bodies’ at the property, which is posted with no trespassing signs – including a ‘no warrant, no entry’ warning. did .

They said: ‘You hear all sorts of things, gunshots and heavy machinery in the middle of the night. It makes you wonder.

‘No one knows why they bought the land. From what Craig said they were trying to build a military-style compound. He also hunts on his land.’

Neighbors confirmed the car seized by police was regularly driven by Craig, as court documents show Rex was the registered owner of the car at the time of the murder.

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