The Uber Pool rider bursts into rage and punches the car’s bonnet

The Uber Pool rider bursts into rage and punches the car's bonnet

The Uber Pool rider bursts into rage and punches the car’s bonnet

Uberpool passengers were furious

An early-morning Uber ride turned into a violent nightmare when a passenger exploded in rage and scuffled with the driver in the middle of the road before slamming his fist into the bonnet four times.

The terrifying incident happened in the early hours of Sunday after Uberpool driver Abdul picked up a passenger traveling over the Sydney Harbor Bridge in Chatswood, north of the city.

However, the man was not impressed when Abdul picked up another passenger, Liam, as part of the usual Uberpool practice of collecting passengers heading in the same direction to reduce fares.

The man in the back seat recording the audio on Abdul’s dashcam is getting increasingly agitated.

‘Can we go to Chatswood bro I paid for it?’ she demanded.

An angry Uberpool passenger was caught on dashcam as the driver picked up another passenger after he slammed his fist into the car’s bonnet.

‘You were running round the head when I paid you to go to Chatswood. You dumbass I’m trying to get home.’

Abdul tried to explain the situation to him.

‘It’s Uber Pool. That’s how it works,’ he said.

Abdul eventually lost patience and pulled the offending passenger to the side of the road demanding to be thrown out but he refused.

‘Listen head I fixed it without hurting you,’ says the man.

‘You know how easy it is for me? I did nothing but try to get home.’

Abdul can be heard shouting: ‘Leave my car or I’m calling the police.’

Liam in the front seat was in an awkward situation.

Liam told Channel Nine’s A Current Affair on Wednesday night: ‘I looked around and he (the first passenger) started looking at me and I thought ‘oh I don’t want to get into this’.

‘The guy just started getting really excited and angry.’

In the dashcam recording, the man can be heard shouting: ‘Do you want to fight? Do you want to punch me? Go call the police you fat… you want to talk to me?’

There was a fight in the car to get Abdul out.

The man followed him and dashcam footage shows the pair brawling while standing in the middle of the road.

Abdul said, he has no choice but to fight.

‘I was pushing him back but he kept attacking me,’ she said.

Uberpool driver Abdul (pictured back right) jostles with the man (pictured centre) while second passenger Liam (pictured front left) looks on

‘He punched me in the back of my neck, my head. My dashcam footage is not false.’

‘I was thinking about my family because if anything happened to me it wouldn’t affect anyone but my family.’

Liam stood for a few moments but intervened to convince her to get back in the car, which they both did.

‘He (Liam) was a huge help. He was calming me down,’ said Abdul.

However, this only further angered the primary passenger, who was filmed repeatedly smashing his fist into the car’s bonnet, with a dent clearly visible the next day.

After driving away, Abdul reported the incident to police, who said he was unresponsive.

He finally went to file a police report and urged them to bring the man to ‘justice’.

A current affairs reporter tracks the passenger down to his Chatswood home and surprises him with a reporter and camera waiting when he answers the door.

The man refused to talk about the incident, saying Abdul ‘assaulted him too’.

He pulled up his sleeve to display a bruise on his left arm, which he claimed was an injury from a fight.

After initially suspending Abdul while they investigated the incident, Uber allowed him to resume driving after the TV program intervened.

Uber has reportedly banned the offending passenger for life.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted police for comment.

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