McDonald’s Australia: Man lost to staff after receiving wrong order

McDonald's Australia: Man lost to staff after receiving wrong order

McDonald’s Australia: Man lost to staff after receiving wrong order

The man shouted at Sydney’s Wynyard McDonald’s saying he had knocked over a drink tray

A McDonald’s customer has been filmed abusing staff and knocking over drink trays after demanding to ‘hurry up’ his order.

The man carrying the guitar case was in the fast-food restaurant at Wynyard Station in Sydney’s CBD on Wednesday when he began accosting staff members.

‘Did you call me mother? Let’s hurry!’ The man can be heard yelling at a server.

‘Hurry up! Hurry up!’ He repeatedly asks the staff to prepare his order.

A frustrated employee then throws his order at the counter, which only angers the customer more.

A man has been seen shouting at staff members at a McDonald’s in the Vineyard before knocking over a drink tray

Then he swiped a tray of drinks and food off the counter, leaving a big mess behind.

‘Don’t come back here!’ The McDonald’s worker calls out to the man as he storms through the station.

A bystander who filmed the incident said the customer was not happy about receiving what he thought was the wrong order.

He told Daily Mail Australia, ‘He angrily tore up the bag to show them and demanded a new bag.

‘It was really busy, about 30 people standing and watching, and the staff were quite upset.’

Last month a worker at Wynyard McDonald’s threw a drink in a customer’s face

The incident is the second in just a few weeks at the Wynyard fast-food store.

Last month a staff member at the store threw a drink in the face of an angry customer.

The customer slipped and threw them at staff before grabbing food and drinks sitting on the counter, breaking a monitor in the process.

It is unclear what sparked the fight but two teenagers, aged 15 and 17, have been arrested and charged under the Young Offenders Act.

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