Australia’s richest OnlyFans star reveals what she looks for in a boyfriend

Australia's richest OnlyFans star reveals what she looks for in a boyfriend

One of Australia’s top OnlyFans models reveals what it’s like trying to date while working in the sex industry.

Lucy Banks, 31, says she holds herself to high standards when it comes to dating.

‘In an industry that thrives on authenticity, trust and transparency, it’s important to me to seek the same level of trustworthiness and honesty in my relationships,’ he said.

The single mother of two quickly became financially secure for the first time after starting her online career.

But some men are uncomfortable with her popularity and the content she publishes.

Lucy Banks, pictured, says she has high standards when it comes to dating

He found jealousy to be the biggest problem in his recent fling.

‘Some men don’t like the idea that my private bits are out there for the world to see, or that strange men know who I am when we’re grocery shopping. That’s completely fair and understandable, and you’re not the man for me,’ he said.

And it’s not just emotional jealousy, there’s also financial jealousy.

‘It’s bad enough when men get upset that I talk to other men on OnlyFans for my job; It gets worse when they resent the amount of money I make,’ she said.

He also had infidelity issues.

‘Men think it’s okay to talk to other women and not be loyal to me because of my work, and that’s not acceptable. Being in a committed relationship means unwavering loyalty and open communication; I don’t tolerate secrecy or loyalty,’ he said.

Lucy said people think they’re going to date a woman they see online, which isn’t the case.

‘My Only Fans persona drives my business, but when you’re with me, you’re with the real me – authentic and honest,’ she said.

‘My career success proves that I take care of myself, I know how to be attentive to the needs of others and that I am disciplined and dedicated to my work.’

The mother of two says men are jealous of her financial power and her job is to talk to men online

She says that it would take a very safe, open-minded and honest person to steer her away from the dating scene.

Lucy previously joked that she was the ‘favorite mum at school’ suggesting dads are much friendlier than mums.

He said that cheeky comment was intended as a light-hearted joke. But instead he was mocked by strangers.

Guess why I’m the favorite mom among school dads. No serious guesses,’ she wrote alongside an eye emoji.

The Perth single mother recorded herself sitting in a car outside the school gates and shared the clip online where it has racked up 1.7 million views.

In 2019 Lucy decided to quit her 9-5 banking job and start her OnlyFans career. Today he brings in $35,000 to $60,000 a month.

Lucy recently made a generous comment about being a dear mother at the school gate and made headlines

Guess why I’m the favorite mom among school dads. No serious assumptions,’ he wrote alongside a winking emoji in a TikTok video

‘Because your humble?’ One asked, another wrote: ‘Because you love yourself?’

‘No ring… so,’ added a third. Another said: ‘You go into the opposite parking spot.’

Others were far more ruthless with one person writing: ‘I can’t think of anything sad.’

Another questioned his comments, asking: ‘How do you know? Did they tell you?’

Lucy responded to the backlash by telling FEMAIL that she believes ‘people who get hurt only hurt others’.

He said, ‘No one is happy or successful spending time trolling on TikTok.

‘As long as I can go to bed every night knowing that I didn’t hurt anyone personally and I didn’t do anything bad – then all the backlash doesn’t bother me. A duck back off water.’

Nearly 4,000 people responded to the clip with witty replies, some more hurtful than others. Lucy responded to the backlash by telling FEMAIL that she believes ‘people who get hurt only hurt others.’ He said, ‘No one is happy or successful spending time trolling on TikTok

He added that the video was ‘not meant to be serious’.

‘I’m just a content creator aiming for views. It’s amazing how a simple caption can spark thousands of comments,’ continued Lucy.

‘Coincidentally, when the comments started flooding in, I was unexpectedly hospitalized for an unrelated matter.

‘Being in hospital was an incredibly harrowing experience, trying to communicate with my family while simultaneously seeing a constant stream of notifications full of damaging messages questioning my character.’

Last year the self-proclaimed ‘hot mom’ bought an investment property for her sons with earnings from Only Fans.

She says the X-rated platform gives her the freedom to be a better parent to her elementary-aged sons, and her new purchase is proof of that.

‘My eldest son did school banking earlier this year and immediately asked his teacher about interest rates on deposits. I wish I had this kind of financial acumen when I was 20, let alone before I was 10,’ he said.

When Lucy, who bought her first property in 2021, began discussing creating an investment property, the children wanted to know more and how they could contribute.

Last year Lucy bought an investment property for her sons with earnings from Only Fan

‘My kids gave me $100 each to ‘invest’ in this new house; Once we have tenants, they’ll both get $5.50 a week.’

Lucy said her sons came up with the idea and earned $100 each by working within a certain time frame and saving birthday money.

‘It never occurred to me to include the kids in buying an investment property but my eldest son is very excited and is constantly talking to me about how to maximize their investment,’ says Lucy.

‘They’ve already worked out that when they’re adults themselves, they’ll have enough for their own home deposit – from that initial $100 deposit as a child.’

Lucy has made four strange requests to Only Fans since the beginning

1. Tells herself to oil up and slide across the kitchen bench on her stomach. He was paid $300 for a 15-second video

2. Asked to make a three-minute video showing all her stretch marks, loose skin, scars and any ‘imperfections’ on her body.

3. Have him film a video with his phone on the ground, looking up, making him look really tall while pretending to be a monster stomping on people.

4. Make a video of yourself fully clothed, pretending to roll your eyes while your phone gets a call, then ignoring him.

Lucy is aware of the potential future challenges that her children may face entering the property market once they reach adulthood.

‘Buying a property is such a big hurdle. I could not have bought any property as a single mother without a single fan. There are a lot of people who will judge me for what I do, but I’m very grateful to be able to provide for my children so they don’t have to struggle like I did,’ she said.

‘My boys won’t get hand-outs or trust funds – but I’ll put them through the best schools and I’ll help them be financially smart. The rest is up to them.

He added: ‘They also do normal kid things, like spending money on Roblox and chocolates! But in the end, they are conservative by saving the money they earn.’

When Lucy, who bought her first property 10 months ago, started discussing building an investment property, the kids wanted to know more and how they could contribute.

Lucy opens up about her new career choice and her newfound ability to juggle her lifestyle as well as her kids’ busy schedules.

‘My children go to two different private schools which cater to their individual needs; It takes me three hours a day to run the school, but it’s worth it,’ she said.

‘After school I help with homework, cook dinner and put them to bed. My current job gives me the flexibility to do that… my previous job didn’t.’

Speaking to FEMAIL earlier, the creator said that women from all walks of life have approached him to ask about his work on the platform.

‘Many of my friends have asked about it. There are nurses, doctors, teachers, a friend who works in car sales, administrators, and stay-at-home moms,’ he said.

‘It’s hard for people to make the leap because of the stigma. But from where I sit, it seems like a lot of women would prefer to do OnlyFans. It’s just the stigma that holds them back.’

The career move hasn’t been easy and Lucy has seen how enthusiastic some people are when it comes to getting to know someone in the adult industry.

‘We condemn in the strongest terms – we have been ripped to shreds online. I have had to take out multiple restraining orders against jealous and angry women,’ he said.

‘I put up with a lot of criticism but it’s worth it to be fully present for my boys’ childhood, to babysit for the other parent and buy a house and promise my kids we’ll never have electricity cut off again.

‘I work hard; It is not an easy task. Honestly, the hardest part about it is trying to exist in society amidst people’s slander and judgment.

‘Say what you want about me, but I consider myself the luckiest mum ever.’

But she is passionate about her chosen career and says she would do it again in a heartbeat.

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