33-year-old pregnant woman hits alligator on Texas highway, kills her and her unborn child

33-year-old pregnant woman hits alligator on Texas highway, kills her and her unborn child

33-year-old pregnant woman hits alligator on Texas highway, kills her and her unborn child

Gabriel Breaux, 33, of New Iberia, Louisiana, was driving a Chevy Silverado pickup truck through Texas with his father and three children around 4 a.m. Sunday when he hit a 12-foot alligator about 60 miles north of Corpus Christi and overturned. . Over, killing Breaux and her unborn child: her father and three children were wounded but expected to survive.

A pregnant Louisiana woman was killed and her family injured after the pickup truck she drove hit a 12-foot alligator and overturned multiple times in rural Texas.

Gabriel Breaux, 33, was returning from Texas to his home in New Iberia, Louisiana, 20 miles south of Lafayette, when the accident happened early Sunday morning.

The car wash clerk is seven months pregnant and was accompanied by her father Gregory Gerrard, 58, and her three children, aged 13, 11 and 6.

Breaux was driving a Chevy Silverado pickup truck just before 4 a.m., near the small village of Tivoli, 60 miles north of Corpus Christi, when his pickup struck the alligator on the road.

She and her unborn child died in the rubble.

Gabrielle Breaux, a 33-year-old car wash clerk and mother of three, was seven months pregnant when she was killed on Sunday.

A photo taken by Refugio County Sheriffs shows the animal lying in the road

Breaux’s Chevy Silverado struck the Alligator and went off the road, overturning.

Rob Mallory, of the Texas Department of Public Safety, said, “a debilitating injury to an alligator crossing the road.”

The animal was killed, and the truck was thrown off the road and came to rest upside down.

All five people inside the pickup were taken to hospital.

Breaux was taken 40 miles from the crash site to Dieter Hospital in Victoria, where he succumbed to his injuries and died.

The hospital staff tried unsuccessfully to save her unborn child.

A 12-foot alligator, with a baseball cap for scale, died after being hit by a truck

Emergency services were seen at the scene of the crash in rural Texas early Sunday morning

Five people were in the car, with Brooks at the wheel. The other four passengers – her father and her three children – are expected to survive

Breaux is pictured with her three children, all of whom survived the crash

Breaux’s mother Rena Hébert confirmed the sad news and promised to take care of the three children.

‘My daughter Gabrielle Brax was driving back from Texas with her dad and her 3 kids and hit a huge alligator on the road causing the truck to overturn multiple times,’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘My beautiful Gabby and her baby didn’t make it.

‘Her other children suffered non-life-threatening injuries but suffered serious cuts and stitches and swelling.’

He added: ‘Rip my beautiful Gabby.

‘Mommy loves you and I will take good care of your children and my grandchildren.’

Jared Lewis, a Victoria County game warden, told the Victoria Advocate that alligators may be seen on the road as the animal seeks out bodies of water.

Lewis, who has experience catching and relocating alligators found on the road, said the county game warden or sheriff’s office should be contacted when an alligator is found.

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