Video has emerged of a woman hiding inside a home before a gunman ‘arms herself’

Video has emerged of a woman hiding inside a home before a gunman 'arms herself'

Video has emerged of a gunman hiding inside a house and crying before ‘turning the gun on himself’ after two days of standoff.

Police recovered his body on Monday morning, dead from gunshot wounds

Distressing footage has emerged of a woman hiding inside her home during a tense two-day siege that ended after her partner turned the gun on himself.

NSW Police received reports of a fight between a man and a woman before they went to a house on Cuarwhole Road in Boenfels, western NSW, on Sunday afternoon.

Shots were reportedly fired from the house before the operation ended fatally on Monday morning with the partner shooting himself.

Ursula Saunders, 20, has been identified as the woman who hid inside the home and videotaped the intense confrontation with police.

Man dies after two-day siege with woman videoing tense standoff with police from home (pictured)

‘It’s 6.44pm on Cooerwull Road, I’m sitting behind a paddy field with the dog because I’m hiding from the police…’ she says in the video.

‘I am not afraid of my husband, I love him very much.’

Ms Saunders accused police of shooting ‘through my house without aiming’ and showing a hole in the wall – believed to be from a bullet.

She held back tears as she trembled as she spoke to the camera.

Police were told the man inside the home had a firearm when they first arrived at the property.

The couple briefly spoke to officers at a distance before going back inside the home when a tense standoff ensued.

NSW Police said shots were fired from the home.

“At 4.20pm, several shots were fired at the police from the direction of the house, the police returned fire,” a spokesman said.

Woman claims police shot at home and posts photo of a hole in a wall (pictured)

‘No one was injured during the exchange.’

Ms Saunders reportedly left the house at 9am on Monday morning.

He spoke with officers and the standoff ended two hours later when police were able to enter the home where they discovered the man’s body.

The man is said to have died of a gunshot wound, believed to be self-inflicted.

Although he has not yet been officially identified, he is believed to be 29 years old.

After reports of gunfire, nearby roads were closed and locals were asked to avoid the area.

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