My sister accused me of provoking her at her wedding after I turned up in a £2,500 Alexander McQueen gown – but do you think it’s too much?

My sister accused me of provoking her at her wedding after I turned up in a £2,500 Alexander McQueen gown - but do you think it's too much?

A woman has sparked controversy after wearing a £2,500 designer gown to her sister’s wedding.

Earlier this week, the anonymous woman from the UK explained how she wore an Alexander McQueen gown to her sibling’s recent wedding.

The pink silk gown had an elegant sweetheart neckline and back draping that gave the illusion of a short train.

Posting on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A*****’ forum, the 21-year-old said she misunderstood the invitation and thought the event’s dress code was black tie optional.

As such, she paired her floor-length dress with some pearl earrings and a necklace that her fiance – who wore a black tuxedo – bought.

Pictured: The £2,500 pink silk Alexander McQueen dress the woman wore to her sister’s wedding

But when the couple arrived at the event, the woman was horrified that the wedding was ‘more semi-formal’ and more like a ‘cocktail party’.

She wrote: ‘My dress looked more casual and fancy than my sister, who wore a modern-looking gown that was pretty and form-fitting but not formal. We were very embarrassed.’

The woman then said her outfit offended her sister – who felt the spotlight was being taken away.

He continued: ‘My sister came up to me and asked what I was doing and told me it was her wedding, not mine and she hated how I was “showing her off”.’

At this point, the woman’s fiance stepped in and ‘took responsibility’ for buying the formal dress.

In response, the bride called him a ‘disgusting snob’ and said he should have ‘known better’.

The woman added: ‘We left after that and now everyone is upset with us and missed the wedding.’

In just four weeks, the couple will marry and they’ve asked their guests to dress formally for the occasion – with the option of black tie.

The floor-length designer gown had a sweetheart neckline and drapery at the back that resembled a short train.

Dozens of Reddit users told the woman that she should have shown the dress to her sister before the wedding

However, the bride is concerned that her family will not dress appropriately for her wedding and will look more casual – which she says will be ’embarrassing’.

The dilemma sparked heated debate among users – with many arguing that the woman should have shown her sister the dress before her special day.

One replied: ‘I really don’t think an expensive designer “floor length gown” is really appropriate for any wedding unless you are either the bride or the bridesmaid.

‘It seems you haven’t bothered to check with your sister that it’s appropriate so I’d say [you’re the a******] Although the dress code sounds a bit vague, you’d have to be pretty ignorant to think it was.’

Another added: ‘Why did you play a Disney princess at someone else’s wedding? How happy you are.’

‘I personally wouldn’t wear a $5000 designer gown to a wedding unless I was absolutely sure the vibe was there,’ said a third.

However, others felt the bride was wrong for not being more specific about what guests could wear

Taking issue with her partner’s behaviour, another critic said: ‘I think your fiance [a******]; I think he did it because he wanted to show you the things he bought.

‘Formal does not mean black tie; Any uncertainty and she or you could have shown your sister a picture of your outfit beforehand.’

However, others argued that the bride was also at fault but was unclear about how she wanted the guests to dress.

Seeing both sides, one user commented: ‘This could have been avoided with a little communication, but I think you’re both overthinking this. Just apologize for the honest miscommunication and move on.’

‘This is perfectly acceptable formal wear at a wedding,’ said another. ‘Besides it’s not white.’

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