Jason Aldean ended a concert in Hartford abruptly after suffering a heat stroke – but has since recovered

Jason Aldean ended a concert in Hartford abruptly after suffering a heat stroke - but has since recovered

Jason Aldean abruptly ends Hartford concert after suffering heat stroke – but country singer says he’s recovered: ‘It was a combination of dehydration and heat exhaustion’

Jason Aldean was recovering after being run off stage during his show in Hartford, CT on Saturday night.

The award-winning country crooner, 46, explained what happened on Sunday in a video posted to Instagram Stories.

‘Hey what’s up everyone. Jason’s here and this Sunday, I guess,’ the Try That In A Small Town singer told the camera.

‘A lot of people are checking me out today after hearing what happened last night at the Connecticut show.’

The hitmaker looked healthy in a gray T-shirt and a billed cap with the Florida logo.

Recovering: Jason Aldean told his fans he was forced off stage due to heat exhaustion at Saturday’s Highway Desperado show in Hartford, CT (pictured in Frisco, TX in May)

‘I’m doing good,’ explained the Dirt Road Anthem singer, ‘It was hot, I was golfing all day yesterday and then went to the show and it seems like it was a combination of dehydration and heat exhaustion.’

Initial reports claimed the singer was suffering from heat stroke, but Jason said he didn’t think it was that serious.

Symptoms of heat stroke include a racing heart, nausea, sweating, confusion and unconsciousness, according to the CDC.

‘It was pretty intense last night at the show,’ admitted the Amarillo Sky artist. Anyone who was at the show last night knows how hot it was.’

Temperatures in the area soared to 88 degrees and humidity was listed at 51 percent.

The Academy of Country Music Award winner said she could feel the symptoms but, ‘I was trying to watch the show as much as I could and at the end it was like, well, I knew it wasn’t going to happen and I got off the stage trying to figure out what was going on.’

Jason revealed that he received fluids through an IV last night and another Sunday.

The Shay’s country singer kicks off the Highway Desperado tour in Bethel, NY on Friday.

UPDATE: Jason gave an update on Sunday in an Instagram Stories video, explaining that he’s feeling well enough to play Sunday’s show in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Dehydration: I was playing golf all day yesterday and then I went to the show and I think it was a combination of dehydration and heat exhaustion,’ explained the singer.

Tour: ‘Obviously, it’s not the way I wanted to end the show,’ Jason said of his sudden exit. Not what I expected in the first week of the tour.’ He planned to perform Sunday night in Saratoga Springs, NY

‘Of course, that’s not how I wanted the show to end. Not what I was expecting in our first week on tour,’ the Hicktown singer told his fans.

Xfinity Theater made an announcement on its social media pages announcing that the Hartford show would be rescheduled.

Jason shared a link to the message on social media and repeated it as he said goodbye in the video.

‘Again, I apologize for cutting the show short, but we’ll be back and make it up to you.’

A well-rested Jason told his fans he plans to play a concert scheduled for Sunday in Saratoga Springs, NY.

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