British family who traveled the Amazon have been refused visas to Guyana

British family who traveled the Amazon have been refused visas to Guyana

British travel influencers who took their three young children from the UK for 15 months through the Amazon rainforest have been forced to turn around after being refused visas

Greg Dickens and Gwen Bradbury’s planned adventure with their three children had to be abandoned after the influencers were denied visas to Guyana

They give up their lives in a picturesque Cambridgeshire village to take their children to the Amazon rainforest for over a year on the trip of a lifetime.

But Greg Dickens, 37, and his partner Guen Bradbury, 36, are now having to find a new destination for their adventure after being refused visas to Guyana.

The travel influencers, who share their adventures on social media, wanted to travel through the rainforest for 15 months and send their children Talfa, six, Martes, four, and Lutra, one, to rural schools along the way.

Gwen Bradbury visited the Amazon with her partner Greg Dickens and their three children

The Gwen Bradbury couple have three children, Talfa, six, Martes, four, and Lutra, one

The couple traveled to Guyana intending to travel through the rainforest for 15 months

Greg Dickens took time off from his medical innovation job to go on a trip to the Amazon

But the family ‘failed to navigate the Guyanese bureaucracy’ and were refused a visa extension, meaning their trip had to be cut short on ‘pain of imprisonment’.

However, they are now heading into the jungle 1,500 miles north of Panama and setting their sights on future trips to Tanzania, Malawi or Belize.

The couple regularly post pictures and videos of wildlife on social media and are part of ‘The Wild Bradbury’ family research campaign which explores how people around the world raise children.

They traveled to Amazon after taking time off from their jobs in medical innovation at research and product development firm Innovia Technologies.

They estimated the total cost of the tour at £30,000 and said both their families supported their plans and the experience it would give the children.

The family said they enjoyed watching river voles and eating piranhas for dinner

Talfa Martes and Luthra join their parents on the adventure before leaving

The family, from the village of Longstanton, near Cambridge, left the UK on April 17 for Georgetown, Guyana, the Daily Mirror reported.

They then flew to the town of Lethem, about 350 miles away, where they conducted a survival course to prepare them for life in the jungle.

Next, the family ventures into the rainforest where they encounter ‘poisonous dart frogs, piranhas, caimans, whip scorpions’ and a ‘dog-sized rat’.

They said their camp was attacked by eight different species of ants in one night, when they had to cover their ankles to protect them from the snakes.

The family hoped to travel to another village and visit a Guyanese research center

However, the family said they enjoyed watching river voles, eating piranhas for dinner and sending the children to a village school in Yupukari.

They had hoped to travel to another village and end up at a Guyanese research center – but their trip ended prematurely due to visa issues.

The family then wanted to travel to Tanzania but missed their flight due to a hospital visit. So for now, they’re planning a new adventure in Panama.

MailOnline has contacted Guyana’s Ministry of Home Affairs, which organized the family’s extended stay visas in the country, for comment.

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