Perth Fire restaurant chef John Mountain launches clothing line mocking Tash Peterson and vegans

Perth Fire restaurant chef John Mountain launches clothing line mocking Tash Peterson and vegans

A celebrity chef has made a fashion statement by launching a clothing line mocking notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson.

John Mountain, who has taken legal action against Ms Peterson after the pair clashed during protests at his North Perth restaurant fire, showed off a provocative range of tank-tops, T-shirts and hoodies on his new merchandise website.

The page, launched on Saturday, promises customers will love the outfit ‘hopefully as much as Tash loves the chef’.

It displays clothing that bears the restaurant’s branding and slogans such as ‘Pleased to meet Stu’, ‘No animals were harmed in the making of this shirt’ and ‘All they did was add fuel to the fire’.

One design features a half-star Google-style review graphic with the words: ‘Totally messed up’ Tash Peterson’, which pokes fun at Miss Peterson’s protest narrative and the flood of fire reviews posted by vegans.

Anti-vegan chef John Mountain has launched a range of clothing aimed at vegan activist Tash Peterson after she staged chaotic protests at his Perth Fire restaurant.

Tash Peterson (pictured with boyfriend Jack Higgs) is widely known for her provocative protests.

Another design asks: ‘What is the difference between a vegetarian and a heroin addict? Vegetarians keep to themselves.’

Fire closed its shutters and doors on June 30 and July 8 as Ms. Peterson and her group of supporters stood outside holding protest signs, playing ear-splitting recordings of pigs screaming as they were slaughtered.

The protests erupted last month after Mr Mountain announced it was banning vegetarians from its up-market food due to mental health concerns following negative reviews.

Mr. Mountain’s new clothing range has been greeted with overwhelming enthusiasm on the Fire Facebook page.

‘Could you please do a ‘no vegetarians allowed’ shirt….I’m up for one and I’m sure half of Australia, if not the world, will be too!!’ Wrote on the person.

Another said: ‘Well played. This guy should be Aussie of the year. His business will be absolutely prosperous.’

‘John Mountain for Prime Minister,’ commented another.

John Mountain has taken legal action against Mrs Peterson after two protests at his restaurant

Ms. Peterson shares racy content with fans only where she earns $40,000 per month.

Mr Mountain drew the ire of herbivores late last month when he banned non-meat eaters from his restaurant after an unhappy diner last month.

During the June 30 protest, Ms. Peterson entered the restaurant with a loudspeaker and played the sound of a pig being slaughtered while chanting slogans condemning diners for eating meat.

Restaurant workers man-handled Ms. Peterson and her supporters outside.

On July 8, Ms. Peterson did not come inside the restaurant but Mr. Mountain appeared and tried to turn the loudspeaker off her while another employee tackled the chef and threw him in a bear hug.

Fyre’s Facebook posted a court notice on June 30 detailing a felony charge against Ms. Peterson for trespassing.

A guilty plea was entered into the notice and the offense was described as: ‘failing to leave premises licensed by an authorized person’.

Sorry about the harp. The lovely Tash Peterson is issued a lot more than you think,’ comments Page.

Ms Peterson (second from right) protested twice at John Mountain’s (second from left) Fire restaurant in Connolly, north of Perth, after the chef banned vegans.

Ms Peterson has her own ‘VGan Clan’ outfit which she launched about two years ago

‘And soon all his social media will be taken from him. Come on slasher, let the game begin.’

A separate post on the Facebook page shows a legal letter from the landlord on Fyre’s level stating that Tash Peterson is banned from the property.

‘Hahahahahahaha and so it begins,’ the Facebook comment read.

‘Let’s kick him out of WA forever. God bless you @vganbooty and all who journey among you. Nice to meet you.’

Ms Peterson, known as ‘Vagan Booty’ on social media, posted a picture of the notice being burnt.

Speaking to The West Australian earlier this week, Peterson said her protests were not about the ban on vegetarians but used the publicity she had attracted to highlight her larger cause.

‘I am there for non-human animals who are raped, enslaved, tortured, abused and killed,’ he said.

Ms Peterson, who has been to London for a vegan festival, launched her own ‘vegan clan’ clothing line about two years ago.

The clothing features slogans such as ‘not animals’ and ‘stop killing animals’ and ‘those who care for animals don’t eat them’.

The activist has attracted repeated media coverage for her stunts, such as wearing revealing underwear while holding placards, earning $40,000 a month from her OnlyFans website.

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