Lizzo calls Beau Mike Wright her ‘favorite artist’

Lizzo calls Beau Mike Wright her 'favorite artist'

Although Lizzo and Mike Wright were first romantically linked in March 2021, they only became Instagram official this past February.

Now, almost five months later, and the pop star is feeling a little more comfortable going public about their relationship, posting a photo of the couple snapped together on her Instagram page.

And the Cuz I Love You star used the sweet snap to help promote her boyfriend’s latest musical release, titled Moxie.

‘Selfie with my favorite artist’, Lizo (born Melissa Vivienne Jefferson), 35, shared in the caption, before urging her 13.5 million fans and followers to ‘moxie stream’.

The selfie, shot from the chest, shows the Detroit native wearing a plunging pink bra and headband around her hairline, as she sports a look of pure contentment.

Lovebirds: Lizzo, 35, got cozy with her boyfriend Mike Witt, 36, in a selfie she posted on Instagram on Saturday

Lizzo, who is currently on tour, is seen in the photo sporting blonde and light brown locks that are long and straight with a part flowing down her back.

Wright, 36, is seen shirtless as he leans towards his lady as sunlight from the window illuminates his face, arms and the right side of his chest.

The musician, actor and stand-up comedian styles her raven tresses in thin long braids, covering parts of her right shoulder and a center part.

Sporting a handsome beard and mustache, Wright looks relaxed and content during the photo.

In the second half of the Instagram post, Lizzo shares the definition of the word, which is described as ‘strength of character, determination or nerve’, promoting her Wright’s new album, Moxie.

A few days ago, Wright took to his Instagram page to explain how he chose to name the project Moxie.

‘I was obsessed with the word last year (a lot happened),’ she shared in the caption, a photoshopped image of former US President Bill Clinton holding a Moxy vinyl album.

‘It perfectly summarizes how every day we all must build the courage to present ourselves truthfully to the world. For me, in particular, to overcome the illusion of perfection and enjoy the ride,’ she said of her thought process.✨

Promotion Mode: Lizzo urges her 13.5 million fans and followers to stream Wright’s new album

Promo Mode: Both Lizzo and Wright shared their definition of moxie in their respective Instagram posts

Promo push: Four days ago, Wright explained how he named his album Moxie and the process of writing some of the songs, along with a photoshopped photo of former US President Bill Clinton holding a copy of the vinyl version of Moxie.

Artist Insights: Musicians, Actors and Stand-Up Comedians Reveal Some of the 10 Songs of 2020 on Moxie

Lizzo commented on her Instagram post: ‘Yesssss baby’

As for the songwriting process for Moxie, Wright said he would create a track, aiming for ‘the next song to sound nothing like its predecessor’.

Lizzo was first romantically linked to Mike Wright in October 2021

He then revealed his songwriting process for the record, where he would create a track, aiming for ‘the next song to sound nothing like its predecessor.’

Wright maintains a personal challenge resulting in ‘various sounds, structures and genres whose only commonality is that I have made them.’

The Good As Hell singer confirmed their relationship during an appearance on Radio Andy in April 2022, with the couple having been publicly engaged since October 2021, according to People.

In June 2022, the duo made their first public debut at an event on Liz’s Amazon Prime Video show, Watch Out for the Big Grylls.

And then, this past December, Lizzo came out and declared her love for Wright during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show.

At one point in the interview, Stern asked about her love life, and whether she and Wright are exclusive so potential daters shouldn’t waste their time hitting on her.

‘Listen, don’t waste your time honey, I love and Mike’, she told Stern, adding that she was ‘absolutely’ in love, ‘100 per cent.’

Explaining how she’s always put her career first, the Goes As Hell star went on to reveal that she and Wright have only been friends in the past.

‘I had a lot of things to do, and I’m still very much myself, “I feel an unpleasant place”, and I still wasn’t where I wanted to be career-wise,’ he said about their past platonic relationship .

On tour: The pop star has been out on tour, where he recently played in Perth, Australia

It’s official: The couple just went Instagram official last February

But he recognized something different in Wright and their chemistry.

‘With [Wright] It was different because when you love something and you let it go and it comes back to you if it was meant to be. And we both let it go because we both had a lot going on in our lives,’ she explained.

‘And then when the time was right we came together and we were recently like, “We’re together.” It’s official because I’m very traditional about some things. We need to talk. It needs to be discussed.’

He went on to make it clear that none of them were ‘playing any more games with each other; We’re too locked in.’

When asked if she thought the romance would lead to marriage and children, Lizzo declared: ‘I’ll never have anyone else for the rest of my life,’ before bursting into laughter.

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