DeSantis Raises Trump in Q2 – Florida Gov. Lays Off Workers to Cut Costs Amid New Report

DeSantis Raises Trump in Q2 - Florida Gov. Lays Off Workers to Cut Costs Amid New Report

DeSantis Raised Millions More Than Trump In Q2 From Direct Contributions – Florida Govt Fired Several Campaign Workers To Cut Costs Amid New Report

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leads 2024 candidates in direct campaign contributions – May – President Joe Biden brought in $20.1 million despite announcing in second place and former President Donald Trump came in third in fundraising as DeSantis laid off a dozen staffers to cut costs

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leads all 2024 candidates — Democrats and Republicans — in direct campaign contributions for April, May and June.

Meanwhile, the Republican candidate is still struggling to overtake Donald Trump in the primaries, and according to a new NBC News report, his campaign has fired nearly a dozen mid-level staffers to ‘cut costs.’

Campaign sources say they believe they have overstaffed early in the election cycle and, despite some massive fundraising, it’s time to cut back, according to reports.

However, a campaign insider clarified to that there has been movement within the party, but not cost-cutting efforts that have resulted in staff being let go.

DeSantis has shown some early signs that he might take on Trump for the nomination — including his extensive fundraising in his first six weeks as an official candidate. But since then he has struggled to gain ground in the polls against Trump in the front-runners.

Florida’s governor has frequently blocked the mainstream media and condemned the narratives of left-wing outlets. Nevertheless, Desantis will sit down with CNN’s Jake Tapper next Tuesday for a rare mainstream interview.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis leads 2024 candidates in direct campaign contributions – bringing in $20.1 million in Q2, pushing Joe Biden into second place and Donald Trump into third

DeSantis tops both Republican and Democratic candidates in direct contributions for April, May and June.

‘There are people in the media who are still looking for the truth; We will engage with them,’ DeSantis spokesman Brian Griffin told the New York Post. ‘And we look forward to getting our message out to the American people.’

In the second quarter of 2023, DeSantis brought in $20.1 million in direct contributions, according to receipts posted by the main campaign committee for the candidate.

Democratic President Joe Biden is second with 19.8 million.

When considering direct contributions, Trump ranks third behind DeSantis and Biden with $17.7 million.

The only other candidate who earned more than $10 million in Q2 was billionaire North Dakota Gov. Doug Bergum with $11.7 million.

“Our campaign brought more than the entire field — including a current and former president — because Ron DeSantis’ enthusiasm for the movement to restore sanity to our nation and lead our Great American Comeback is unprecedented,” said Jennera Peck, the governor’s campaign manager. A statement drawn.

“The generous support we received this quarter will be important as we continue to capitalize on the momentum shift that occurred in Iowa this week,” he added.

Peck previews: ‘Americans across the country are going to see a lot more of Ron DeSantis. Get ready.’

There are 15 candidates running in the Republican primary for 2024 so far. Only Trump and DeSantis are garnering double-digit support in national polls.

Biden also faces some longshot challenges, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who collected $6.3 million in second Q. Marianne Williamson, who announced her candidacy in March, didn’t even bring in $1 million at the same time.

Self-made biotech millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy placed fourth in fundraising for the Republican field, bringing in $7.7 million in direct contributions for Q2. Sen. Tim Scott was fifth with $5.8 million and Nikki Haley was next with $5.3 million.

Donald Trump brought in the third-highest amount of direct contributions for Q2 — falling behind DeSantis and President Joe Biden

DeSantis’ campaign shakeup comes after the departures of veterans David Abrams and Tucker Obenshine from the Florida governor’s political orbit.

Some say the dozens who left later were campaign manager Janera Peck’s fault for bringing too many people into the campaign too early. Peck spearheaded DeSantis’ 2022 re-election bid for governor.

A GOP source told NBC News: ‘They should never have brought in so many people, the burn rate was too high. People warned the campaign manager but he wouldn’t listen to it.’

One donor said of Peck: ‘He should be [in the hot seat].’

They added that 20 percent voter turnout was not enough to motivate people to support DeSantis.

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