I’m so glad Barbie didn’t wake up: Samantha Brick insists

I'm so glad Barbie didn't wake up: Samantha Brick insists

Step into the wonderland that is my office and it would take you a second to guess that my favorite color is pink. Yes I am writing this from a pink upcycled shabby chic desk. Overhead is a pink lampshade. On my right is a rose quartz crystal – for woo-woo it promotes baby pink and unconditional love. Color makes me happy and I spend quite a lot of time here which is no bad thing.

Even though I’m 52 years old pink is a color I’ve always loved. It screams girly, feminine, other. Three words that can also describe Barbie. Yes she is stick thin, big boobed and blonde. So what? She was and always will be a glorious plastic and furry fun toy that appeals to millions of girls of all ages and generations because we can live our best lives through her.

That’s why, I’m more #TeamBarbie after watching the trailer.

Let’s be clear that this isn’t one of those worthy films usually made by overweight middle-aged blokes plying their trade.

Barbie Millennials and Gen Zers – lucky stuff! – Legally blonde is what Gen X was for like yours truly.

Samantha Brick explains why she’s glad Barbie hasn’t been ‘wooked’ – as she says the franchise is about ‘escapism, fun and happiness’

Meanwhile, he also said he was pleased the aesthetically pleasing leads — Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling — weren’t cast by a box-ticking exercise.

In this day and age it amazes me that we still have to challenge the stereotype that a woman who wears pink is obviously less of a lipstick than a makeup bag.

The Barbie philosophy is about escapism, fun and happiness. The world of 2023 lacks something.

No wonder then that TikTok has a Barbie filter (try it!) and dozens of Barbie hashtags. I’m not alone in watching Barbie dance tutorials. This summer ‘Barbie’ isn’t about slathering over-processed foods on an outdoor griddle, it’s about splurging on something pink, adding an extra slash of sparkly gloss and embracing your inner feminine icon.

Don’t believe it? The Barbie hashtag has 43.6 billion views on TikTok, while the Barbie challenge has 948.5 million views. Barbie Movie 2.1 billion views. Like me, millions of young women subscribe to the positive and upbeat vibe that is Barbie’s World. Women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities are having fun embracing their inner Barbie.

The challenge is surprisingly simple – it involves swathes of pink, bucket loads of glitter, tubes of lippie and lots of ultra-girly clothes.

Yes they can flaunt it on their socials but can they do it in real life? I don’t think so.

Okerati was shot dead.

We live in a dull age of awakening. No one can be authentic to them for fear of being invalidated.

I, of course, was the outsider, the woman who always wears what she likes best. For decades I’ve seen that friend or office boss dress in Pepto-Bismal pink or hot fuchsia suits at weddings. I know people tittered behind me but do I care? no

‘God I felt so good that day’: Samantha reveals she got married in a pink sheath floor-length dress and called herself a ‘walking-talking Barbie’ for her first wedding

Samantha says she feels ‘grateful’ the upcoming Barbie film embraces the franchise’s true girliness and fun and doesn’t evoke

It can only explain why I got married in a pink sheath floor length dress for my first wedding – god I looked great that day. The hair is blonde and just right on the frou frou side. I was a walking talking Barbie bride for the day.

For the film, it definitely took a female combo to bring Barbie to our big screen – Luv’s favorite feminist director Greta Gerwig and genius Margot Robbie. It’s no surprise to me that when the film was made, the world was known to lack the color pink. Because their mantra was clear Go Pink or Go Home.

Thankfully it’s not washed up and the aesthetically pleasing leads – Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling – aren’t cast by a box ticking exercise.

Yet I have no doubt that the usual suspects are getting ready to tear Barbie to shreds.

We all know tub-thumping body positive movement types who will moan that Barbie is being – gasp! – Tall, blond and thin.

Of course those same killjoys will honk about how it’s insulting to be fluffy and pink – but insulting to whom exactly?

If they’re looking for a radical feminist manifesto they’re at the wrong movie screening.

Yes he has distorted body measurements. Guilty She represents a glorified hyper-femininity. Has anyone brought up the flipside of this argument with all those yawningly boring superhero films and how far removed the main characters are from mostly dad-bod sporting blokes? No – because it’s fantasy. While Barbie is fantasy for our girls.

Women on my Twitter timeline are already discussing what they will wear to see the film.

These are smart women who will definitely have to do it – again! – Sweetly punch through the misconception that women are fat when they like something feminine.

Barbie is definitely not a children’s film. It’s a nostalgic dip into a time in our lives when Barbie allowed us to be whoever we wanted to be.

You see many of us women today buying our tickets to see the movies, working in boardrooms, running companies, managing six-figure budgets – but in our childhood we spent hours playing with our Barbie dolls. We want to remember that we made us. I have no shame in admitting that I still played with mine in my teenage years.

There will be inevitable negative hoo-ha in the coming days because there is nothing more threatening to a male-dominated world than ostensibly feminine women who prefer brightly colored feminine clothing. We’re not supposed to be bright and if we do, we’re certainly not supposed to have brains. We are not allowed to arrange our figures the way we want and if we do we are labeled bimbos. Isn’t that crazy?

If God was a woman, surely the movie Barbie would sweep the Oscars. It goes without saying that ‘Barbie Bimbo’ Margot Robbie must collect her prize with pink heels, a heart-attack inducing mini dress and a stream of frothy blonde hair.

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