Guy Martin is ‘shot, tortured and kidnapped’ in Colombia during horrific scenes in new show

Guy Martin is 'shot, tortured and kidnapped' in Colombia during horrific scenes in new show

Thrill-seeker Guy Martin is ‘shot, tortured and kidnapped’ in Colombia during terrifying scenes in his new show

The motorcycle racer-turned-presenter plunges into the country’s dark side, at one point donning a bulletproof vest before shooting at point-blank range. The 41-year-old daredevil joins elite jungle commandos in raiding drug labs

Motorcycle racer-turned-presenter Guy Martin was shot in the stomach (while wearing a bulletproof vest), kidnapped and endured water-boarding as he ventured first-hand into Colombia’s dark side for a new TV show.

The 41-year-old adventurer endured a series of harrowing experiences for Our Guy in Colombia, which airs on Channel 4 later this month, reports The Mirror.

With a reputation as a dangerous country ravaged by violent drug cartels, the program shows Guy going through the same brutal kidnapping training that politicians are given to land in the country – he is cornered, tied up and thrown into the back of a car. He is tortured and practically water-boarded until he pleads with them to stop.

Speaking about his experience of ‘drowning’ when he was submerged in water, he said: ‘You know, you’ve got a mask on and you’re throwing water at them, but you’re not drowning… that’s what I used to do. Don’t mind now.’

Shocked parents also visited the factory of MC Armour, which designs bullet-proof clothing, and agreed to test it.

Motorcycle racer-turned-presenter Guy Martin was shot in the stomach, kidnapped and taken overboard for his new Channel 4 TV show in Colombia.

Guy Martin joins elite jungle commandos on a risky drug lab raid in Colombia.

In another scene from the documentary, the 41-year-old helps clear a fallen tree in the Amazon

Wearing a bullet-proof hoodie, he was shot at point-blank range by live ammunition.

‘They’re not messing around here,’ he quips.

Fortunately his protection worked and he walked away unharmed, the bullet used was presented to him to take home as a souvenir.

Welcome to Colombia: He’s given a rude start to his trip with a fake kidnapping and torture.

Guy stands next to the classic Douglas DC3 cargo plane he uses to fly in the Amazon

Grimsby-born Daredevil explains in the documentary that two people are kidnapped every week, while more than 12,000 people are murdered in Colombia every year, the majority due to the country’s cocaine trade.

For more, Guy ‘loaded a motorcycle into the back of a classic Douglas DC3 cargo plane before flying into the Colombian Amazon, landing at an airport cut into the jungle by notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar,’ according to one of his publicity posts. website

‘I came here with the wrong idea’: Guy Martin says he would be happy to visit Colombia again

From there he rides into a hidden drug lab before discovering how cocaine is made, taking a hidden camera to the streets of Medellin, once known as the most dangerous city in the world, to test how easy it is to buy the drug.

Guy’s eyes were also opened to the extreme poverty of the country.

His incredible trip is rounded off with a meeting with Pablo Escobar’s nephew, where he uncovers the inside story of the drug lord’s vast wealth before joining elite jungle commandos on a risky drug lab raid.

Despite the obvious threat to life and limb, Guy said he would return to Colombia if the opportunity presented itself.

He said, ‘I came here with a completely wrong idea. So 100 per cent I’ll be back – no question.’

Our Guy in Columbia airs on Channel 4 on July 23

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