Chilling drone footage shows police combing Gilgo Beach’s dilapidated backyard for ‘serial killer’

Chilling drone footage shows police combing Gilgo Beach's dilapidated backyard for 'serial killer'

Chilling drone footage captures the moment police comb through the backyard of suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuerman.

The discovery comes a day after the 59-year-old Manhattan architect was arrested in New York City, the first remains found in 13 years after his alleged murder.

A fleet of forensic investigators descended on Human’s Massapequa Park home Friday in hopes of uncovering more evidence in a serial killing case that has stumped investigators for more than a decade.

An array of tarpaulin sheets and white-suited laborers are his wretched possessions, seemingly unemployed despite being shared by his wife and daughter.

Among the items seized was a family-sized fridge, and officers said they are still looking for 92 firearms registered to Humane, but currently unaccounted for.

Although he has been charged with three murders linked to the infamous Gilgo Beach serial killer, 11 sets of remains – including one of a young child – were found on the shoreline between 2010 and 2011.

And on Friday night, an expert speculated that Heuerman may be behind more of the killings.

A fleet of forensic investigators is seen sweeping the suspected serial killer’s possessions

Manhattan architect Rex Heuerman, 59, is charged with three murders attributed to the Gilgo Beach serial killer, and is the prime suspect in the killing of a fourth victim.

Katherine Ramsland, an expert in forensic psychology, said the accused killer’s path to death may extend beyond the charges against him.

He told News Nation that people ‘don’t know’ if he ever stopped killing, adding that ‘all we know is that he’s a suspect now.’

Asked why he wasn’t linked to other remains already found in the area, Ramsland said it was possible another serial killer was hiding.

‘The other (murders) don’t seem to have been handled the same way,’ he said. ‘Serial killers don’t do the same thing all the time.

‘There is a huge difference between some of the victims who were treated and then released. So, I’m not sure he’s connected to them. I couldn’t rule it out, but it doesn’t look like the same sort of thing we’re seeing with the four victims we’re talking about.’

An attorney for the family of the two girls found in Gilgo Beach shared his fears of another killer, who felt there was ‘undoubtedly’ another killer.

He spoke out after investigators released an array of disturbing evidence linking Human to the murders, including finding his and his wife’s DNA on different sets of human remains.

Friday’s forensic efforts were targeted at the suspect’s home in Massapequa Park, which neighbors described to as ‘dreadful’ and ‘dungeon-like’.

‘He’s an architect but his house looks like rubbish,’ said one local, adding that drone footage from the search showed almost no grass or manicured yard.

The roof of the family home was also apparently torn off, with reports indicating Heuerman may have lived in the home since childhood.

Investigators noted a series of ‘red flags’ in Human’s behavior that ultimately led them to their Long Island home, about 25 minutes from Gilgo Beach.

These include brazen Google searches asking why police were unable to trace calls made by the serial killer, who was known to taunt his victims’ families.

Little did he know, however, that police were monitoring the sordid calls back to his Fifth Avenue office, where they even picked up a half-eaten pizza to collect his DNA in January.

The footage shows white-suited officers and evidence collection equipment

Among the evidence sought are 92 firearms registered to the suspect, but which are currently unaccounted for.

Forensic teams are working at Human’s home on Friday. A freezer was also among the items seized

Heuerman’s truck, which was one of the first pieces of evidence allegedly linking him to the murder, was also removed from the home.

The suspect’s home sits directly north of Gilgo Beach across South Oyster Bay and is about a 25-minute drive between the two areas.

Among the evidence police cited in their investigation:

His wife’s DNA was found on the bodies of three of the victims. A hair of his own was found on the body of one of the victims. After his death, his Tinder profile with photos of him in his office was linked to Berner’s phone number. His personal phones were always pinged in the same area as the suspect. Physical description of ‘ogre’ seen by witness as seen with a man Heuerman conducted a graphic search for child pornography and sexual abuse. He also searched Google for updates on the case, investigating ‘why law enforcement was trying to trace the calls made by the Long Island serial killer. can’t’

Police had been tracking their prime suspect for more than a year, saying they were systematically building a case as evidence piled up.

But officers admitted on Friday that they had pounced on the suspect this week out of fear he would strike again, leading them to decide it was time to ‘get him off the street’.

‘As we worked through the case and got closer, all of a sudden the balance tips in favor of public safety,’ said Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney.

Tierney cites several damning pieces of evidence that Heuerman “continues to patronize sex workers,” uses false IDs and burner phones, and has a staggering 92 firearms permits.

The DA added that officers have 92 firearms permits, still unaccounted for, but he expected the guns to show up in a sweep of his home.

He said, ‘He has a huge safe with guns in it.’ ‘We’re continuing to execute search warrants, so I’m sure we’ll have that answer soon.’

Suffolk County District Attorney Ray Tierney said Heuerman had been under surveillance since last year and police moved to arrest him because of fears he would strike again.

The search was carried out at the suspect’s dilapidated home in Massapequa Park, New York (pictured), which neighbors told had long been seen as ‘creepy’.

Investigators searched the house in Massapequa Park, Long Island, where the suspected serial killer lived with his wife and daughter.

In particular, advances in law enforcement technology have raised questions about why arrests have been made in the infamous murders for a decade.

He is also considered the prime suspect in the death of a fourth woman, Maureen Brainard-Barnes, whose body was found wrapped and hidden in thick underbrush along a remote beach highway.

Also among the victims were Shannon Gilbert (left) and an unidentified Asian man, who police believe is a transgender sex worker. Heuerman is suspected, but not charged, in either death

According to investigators, the first link to Heuerman’s cold case was his Chevrolet Avalanche truck, which was seen at at least one person’s home before he disappeared.

He also matched the description of a man who visited one of the victims the night before her death, who was said to have ‘ogre’-like features.

In that case, he met Amber Costello, the woman he is accused of murdering, at her home for sex.

Costello and a male friend were known to conduct a ‘rumor’ which resulted in the male friend pretending to be an angry boyfriend to prevent their hook-up.

But when they allegedly pulled the trick on Heuerman, he texted Costello saying, ‘That wasn’t very nice’ and demanding ‘credit’ for his subsequent service.

The next night Costello met with the customer again, but he insisted on doing so away from his home. The witness said the customer had a tall frame and glasses between 6 feet 4 inches to 6 feet 6 inches.

In addition to his disturbing and threatening behavior, the alleged killer displayed several disturbing online antics that also led investigators to him.

He used fictitious email accounts and burner phone numbers to create CD Tinder profiles, while a number of odd internet searches also traced him back.

These included searches for ‘naked slave girls’ and ‘crying teen porn’.

In January of this year, after watching Heuerman and his family since last March, detectives on the case seized a pizza box that he had trashed outside his Manhattan office.

DNA from a crust was 99.6 percent similar to his DNA found under a man’s hair in a burlap sack one victim found.

Prosecutors also found hair from three unidentified women among the victims.

A pizza box taken from a trash can outside Heuermann’s midtown office

In January of this year, after watching Heuerman and his family since last March, detectives on the case seized a pizza box that he had trashed outside his Manhattan office.

Chilling parallels can be drawn between Heuerman, a married father of two, and the unknown suspect described in a 2011 FBI profile of the Gilgo Beach killer.

That profile described a ‘sad but charming average Joe’, who could blend into the environment unnoticed.

Heuerman lived a seemingly normal, ‘average Joe’ life until his dramatic arrest.

Profilers told The New York Times that the suspect was likely financially stable and bright.

He may have sought hospital treatment for a poison ivy infection. As part of his job or interest, he has access to, or stocks, burlap sacks,’ the profile reads.

Heuerman grew up in Massapequa Park, attended high school with Billy Baldwin, and began working in Manhattan in 1987.

Heuermann was married once in 1990 and a few years later to his current wife Asa Ellarup, who is of Icelandic descent.

He and Asha have an adult daughter, Victoria, who works with Heuerman in his architectural firm, and a stepson, Asa, from a previous marriage.

Part of his job was negotiating between the New York City Building Department and private architects.

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