Scary moment alligator charges fisherman at South Carolina pond

Scary moment alligator charges fisherman at South Carolina pond

Scary moment alligator charges fisherman at South Carolina pond

The video was captured by tourist Micah Kimberlin on Tuesday night while he was visiting the shipyard on Hilton Head Island with his family. The man is seen standing on the grassy edge of the pond when the gator suddenly comes up, the man runs to safety before the gator. Enter the pond

The horrifying moment a fisherman was caught on camera at the edge of a South Carolina pond before he ran to safety and away from the hungry creature.

The video was captured by a tourist who was visiting the Hilton Head Island shipyard with his family around 7pm on Tuesday. Micah Kimberlin said he was riding a bike with his wife and three children when he saw the gator.

Surveillance video shows the fisherman standing on the grassy side of the pond with his fishing rod in hand when the gator suddenly appears and pounces on him.

The man was seen fleeing the lake in the other direction as a nearby woman who was holding a camera also bolted from the disturbing scene. Fortunately, he managed to escape without injury.

The alligator is seen re-entering the pond moments later.

Surveillance video shows the man standing on the grassy edge of the pond patiently waiting to catch a fish when the gator suddenly appears.

The alligator is seen charging towards the fisherman seconds earlier

A woman nearby also runs away as the crocodile advances

Kimberlin told WJCL News that she wished the fisherman in the video had returned to his bait sooner than he did.

Morgan Hart, alligator project coordinator for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, told the news outlet that it was ‘probably an alligator that was fed.’

He said that probably, the crocodile had associated the food with the people who were near the pond.

‘It is known that people fishing there have fed it in the past. It is very difficult to teach a crocodile what food means to humans.’

He also noted that when a gator approaches people for food, it is considered dangerous and should be removed.

Wildlife experts urged that people should always keep their distance if fishing in a pond known to contain alligators.

‘If you see alligators, they’re coming at you, they’re interested in your bait, your line, your bobber, you should pull out all the gear, move away, give them time to move,’ he said.

Two days after the incident, Kimberlin’s brother-in-law saw alligators being removed from the same pond where Tuesday’s attack took place.

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