Customers SLAM Walmart for Placing Panties, Bras Next to Men’s Section

Customers SLAM Walmart for Placing Panties, Bras Next to Men's Section

Walmart consumer retail giant SLAMS women’s underwear next to men’s section and front of food – insisting ‘girls should be able to shop for bras and panties in person’

A woman who felt bras and panties were inappropriately displayed at Walmart took to TikTok to share her concerns from an Idaho resident who took issue with intimate proximity in men’s clothing and grocery sections.

A Walmart customer has slammed the retail giant for placing bras and panties apparently marketed to young girls next to the menswear section at her local store.

Sasha Peyton of Idaho Falls, Idaho, took to TikTok to comment on the awkward placement of the two clothing sections, noting that these ‘bras and panties’ were also easily visible from the megastore’s grocery section.

After saying she came into Walmart looking for a bra she saw on a different visit, Sasha, who goes by @thesashapiton on the platform, couldn’t help but notice the odd product proximity.

‘Here is the food section; Here is the men’s section. Why are panties and bras right in the food and men’s section?’ he pleaded in the 48-second video.

Idaho resident Sasha Peyton took issue with the placement of women’s intimates at her local Walmart

Sasha felt strongly that tweens and teens should be able to ‘individually’ shop for bras and panties.

‘I don’t care. I am a grown woman,’ she further declared.

“But I think if you’re a teenager who wants to see these fun, cute, full-color panties, why do you have to do it next to the men’s section or next to the food section?

‘Girls aged eight to 18 should buy their bras and panties entirely individually,’ she continued.

‘And I understand, I’m a big old shop in it. But I don’t think these cute little panties should fit in the men’s section.

‘They’re definitely more like gear for teenagers but still – come on. Come away!’ he concluded.

It’s worth noting that the symbol visible in the background of Sasha’s TikTok indicates that the surrounding products fall under Walmart’s Joyspun label — which includes loungewear and underwear that’s actually aimed at grown women.

The megastore launched the womenswear brand in 2022, describing it in an announcement at the time as ‘an advanced sleepwear and intimate brand that’s fresh and modern.’

The release further states that Joyspun’s target market is the ‘women’s intimates and sleepwear market.’

Although the intimate brand Sasha highlighted is technically aimed at mature women — as opposed to girls, tweens or teenagers — many agreed the combination felt odd.

Many still commented to echo TikToker’s concerns

Walmart has previously rolled out several tween-specific fashion brands, such as Justice, which debuted at the retailer in 2021.

Still, many agree with Sasha’s assessment of the low-key creep-friendly floorplan.

‘It always bothered me! They need to move it,’ one fumed.

‘I’ve been saying it for years. Why do they drag the main like this,’ echoed another.

One woman shared, ‘Amon is my store and I hate that this is the layout. Sometimes I see guys looking at women/girls and I have to tell them to move,’ – to which Sasha replied, ‘Horrible! I’m glad you said something!!!’

Another exclaimed, ‘I’m 26 and I still feel awkward shopping for my underwear, especially in front of men.’

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