Spotify execs ‘horrified by Prince Harry’s Oprah comments’

Spotify execs 'horrified by Prince Harry's Oprah comments'

Spotify executives were probably ‘horrified’ by Prince Harry’s admission that he signed a lot of deals in a rush to make money, as their podcasting deal was coming to an end.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Daily Mail diary editor Richard Eden recalled Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 when the Duke discussed his financial concerns after withdrawing his family security.

Speaking in March 2021, Prince Harry said the multi-million pound deal he signed with streaming giants Spotify and Netflix was ‘never part of the plan’ and insisted: ‘It was suggested by someone else where my family literally told me. closed down financially and I had to bail us out.’

A week after Spotify announced that it was parting ways with the Sussexes following Archetypes, a series of Meghan’s podcast series, Eden claimed Harry’s admission upset Spotify bosses.

‘It takes an awful lot of work [to produce a podcast]. It’s serious work, it’s planning,’ he said. ‘You can’t just turn around and say, ‘Oh, what are we going to do today’?’

The Daily Mail’s diary editor Richard Eden told Palace Confidential that Spotify executives were likely disappointed by Prince Harry’s admission that he had struck a deal with the streaming giant to pay for his security.

He added: ‘It’s shown… you know… I had to listen to these podcasts so openly for the program, I’m not surprised it’s coming to an end.’

The Daily Mail’s royal editor, Rebecca English, agreed with her fellow panellists, saying both Spotify and the Sussexes had put on a ‘brave face’ at the end of the deal but it was ‘undoubtedly a blow’ for the couple.

He said: ‘They can sell what it takes to the heart.’

English added that, while the Sussexes likely wanted to champion ‘worthy’ programs they care about, the streaming giants are more interested in what it’s like to be a member of the royal family.

‘I think anyone, even their biggest supporters, will accept that people are not given multi-million pound contracts on the basis of which they are going to produce some incredibly worthy program for a number of years with no track record in the industry,’ he continued.

During his explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 (pictured), Duke said it wasn’t ‘part of the plan’ to sign the streaming deal

As the Sussexes’ next move appears uncertain, the Englishman said that, despite rumors Prince Harry’s Netflix project about the Invictus Games has been scrapped, it is still set to go ahead this summer.

Eden said: ‘In fairness, it could be really interesting.’

Elsewhere in the episode, the Englishman teased ‘a big launch’ from William, 41, in an initiative on homelessness next week.

Speaking about how the Prince of Wales has ‘upped his game’, the pair spoke about how William was introduced to the plight of the homeless ever since his late mother, Princess Diana, took him to visit The Passage for the first time. Philanthropy.

‘She started going to homeless shelters like The Passage with her late mother when she was 11 and it’s something she’s always worked on quite passionately, both in front and behind the scenes,’ he said.

However, both English and Eden agreed that a Sunday Times article in which William discussed the matter, published last Sunday, was unusually timed as Trooping the Color took place just a day earlier, and risked overshadowing Charles’s first birthday celebrations as king. was .

‘Last weekend we did Trooping the Colour,’ explained Richard.

‘It was the monarch’s first birthday parade, it was a big, big occasion for King Charles and Camilla.

‘And then it was pushed off the front page by this interview that had been given earlier and was due to be published on the Sunday after Trooping the Colour.’

He found the timing ‘strange’, adding it had ‘raised a lot of eyebrows among the King’s supporters…’.

Rebecca agreed, adding the story was relevant enough to run another day.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, Daily Mail royal editor Rebecca English teased ‘a big launch’ from William, 41 (pictured Trooping the Color with his wife and children) on the project this week.

“As someone who has been a journalist for 20-30 years, I found it a bit strange from a news management point of view because this interview could have come out any day this week,” he said on the programme.

‘And if you want to do it specifically with the Sunday paper because you think they probably devote more space to the complex issues involved, they could have done it this Sunday so I don’t quite understand, I have to say.’

Richard also commented on Charles’ absence from William’s interview.

“Prince William made it sound in the Sunday Times interview as if it was entirely his new venture,” she said.

‘Remember, he is now in charge of the Duchy of Cornwall, which is a huge area… and he was talking about some initiatives to build more social housing.

‘Well King Charles has been doing this for years… He’s really increased the amount of social housing in the area and it’s something he feels very strongly about and he hasn’t found a single mention where William is keen to give him credit. Mother…’

The royal recently revealed her lifelong ambition to end homelessness in the UK and said she would build social housing on her private estate, the Duchy of Cornwall, which she inherited from her father.

William spoke in his first interview since becoming Prince of Wales, and used it to explain that he is ‘determined to make a difference… that doesn’t set homeless people up for another downfall’.

The 130,000-acre duchy stretches from Cornwall to Kent and includes estates in Newquay and Dorchester, which comprise a mix of private and some affordable housing.

Asked by the Sunday Times if there were plans for affordable homes on the duchy land, William said: ‘Absolutely. Social housing. You will see it when it is ready. I’m no policy expert, but I push where I can.’

Describing the paper as a ‘curveball’ that aides were not expecting, William indicated he would ‘start small’ with housing and look to increase the amount available if the scheme goes well.

William said: ‘It’s all very well making grand gestures, but it’s no use if… it has no future.’

Poundbury, an estate in Dorset that is part of the royal family’s £1 billion property portfolio, has 35 per cent affordable housing, as well as private homes.

William is a patron of the charity Centrepoint and recently spoke on the group’s funding of an affordable housing development of 33 flats for young people. Pictured earlier this month

Under the National Planning Policy Framework, major developments that include housing are required to offer 10 per cent affordable homes.

The Prince was vocal about his frustration at governments, councils and charities simply ‘managing’ the homelessness crisis rather than ‘preventing’ it.

Now he has what he calls a ‘really big project’ coming from the Royal Foundation, which he is leading with the Princess of Wales.

He said he hopes the project, which is being wrapped up by the end of this month, will have a ‘tangible impact’ on improving living conditions.

William was 11 when his mother, the late Princess Diana, took him and Prince Harry to a homeless shelter and is now a patron of Passage, the charity that runs it.

She followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a patron of another charity, Centrepoint, in 2005 and recently spoke at an affordable housing development of 33 flats for young people funded by the group.

Research by the charity last year revealed there were 122,000 16 to 24-year-olds who were either homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The figure, obtained through a freedom of information request to all councils, has risen since Centrepoint’s first request five years ago, when it was 110,000, and will rise again this year.

Yuvraj also revealed that he plans to take his children to a homeless shelter and that he is trying to make sure that his children face the same reality that thousands of people across the country face.

He said that on school runs through London, he often asks Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte what they see and why they think people sleep rough.

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