Plateau people: Gentle parents are responsible for children who wake up to identify as cats and dogs

Plateau people: Gentle parents are responsible for children who wake up to identify as cats and dogs

Of all the stories about queerness and self-identity, none were so queer as the children insisting on being addressed by their teachers as cats, dogs, dinosaurs or other animals known as ‘furries’.

It’s so absurd, I thought it must be fake news — until I read the Mail’s investigation that showed it was a true story.

What’s more, teachers are pampering these children. At Rye College in East Sussex, a teacher admonished a student as ‘disgusting’ for refusing to accept that another member of their class should be considered a cat.

It got to the point where a Department for Education spokesman said: ‘It is completely inappropriate for schools to treat a student as an animal or an inanimate object.’

Yet the debate now rages around teachers ignoring the animals that let children self-identify — if you’ll pardon the pun — as a very large elephant in the schoolroom.

Image: Participants dressed as ‘farris’ for the London Pride Parade in 2019

Which means that no child will enter a class marked furthest in the first place unless their parent or guardian gives permission. Mom or Dad might not actually put cat ears on Didams’ heads or secure the tail to their school uniforms—after all, some of these kids are in their teens. But parents are indulging in this ridiculous behavior, when they should be refusing to let their children go to school – locking them out if necessary – unless they are properly dressed.

Yes, the woke, trans-obsessed, furry animal-hugging teachers have to take some of the blame. But the real responsibility must be at home.

Who knows why so many parents today give in to their children’s every whim? Perhaps this is due to family breakdown, growing up in a single-parent household or spending too much time at work.

All I know is that we’re in danger of raising a generation of kids who can do no wrong, who are respected, adored and encouraged in their every silly fad.

And if this continues, none of them will be fit for any job in the outer world.

Just ‘No!’ What has happened? Any child allowed to identify as a dinosaur will struggle with real work — unless it’s as an extra in Jurassic Park.

How Queen B’s frocks help polish off her halo

Onstage in Amsterdam, Beyoncé proudly announced that each of her many outfits that night was made exclusively by black designers to celebrate Juneteenth, a national holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African-Americans in the United States. Let’s hope the 12 seamstresses she employs to mend her dresses aren’t needed as she rakes in £7 million per show.

Beyonce performs on stage during the Renaissance World Tour in Amsterdam on June 18

Why does the words ‘Women’s Test Cricket Live on BBC’ fill me with dread as a cricket lover? Perhaps this is because, against Australia, England’s women have played just one five-day Test compared to the men’s five, their pitch being shorter, making boundaries easier, and star bowler Lauren Filler’s fastest ball of 80 mph taking the men’s Mark Wood’s 97.8 mph. Team.

Maybe I should relax, tune in and watch the grass grow.

Sex and heavy…

Sarah Jessica Parker in An Just Like That

And Just Like That, the reboot of the 90s hit series Sex and the City starring Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie should have been called ‘Botox and the City’ or ‘And Just Like That, I Called My Plastic Surgeon’.

What a disappointing mishmash I found the first two episodes: full of woke tropes; Women in their late 50s pretend they are in their 30s; Incredible sex. Speaking of which, the opening scene, in which a bare-breasted Miranda has her much older non-binary partner Che making love to her in a swimming pool, was like watching a lovelorn hippo.

Battle of Westminster

As rising interest rates hit millions with mortgages, sage Sunak said: ‘It’s going to be okay, we’re going to get through it. I am 100 per cent on it.’ The highest rate in 15 years and he’s only got a few months to deliver? We can expect a forced capture of number 10 in the next election. Keir Starmer’s somewhat tin-red suggested that he include former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair to fill the House of Lords with Labor peers, with Brown’s constitutional review calling for the abolition of the Lords last December. Just as Kerr himself claimed earlier. Commons leader Penny Mordant was among those who supported Boris’s defense and the Privileges Committee’s ruling. He might still need that Coronation Sword to protect him from his element.

A moving moment ahead of his 60th birthday in tribute to George Michael this morning. He anonymously gave £50,000 to a woman he saw on the show who struggled to afford IVF. He returned with daughter Betsy, now 11. George was famous for personally helping strangers, but could not save himself.

Not wanting to get down and dirty in Glasto with the normal kids, Cruise Beckham, just 18 and starting his own music career, chose to live in the Winnebago area with his girlfriend Tana, where the plot cost £20,000. Good luck, Cruz. Here’s hoping you didn’t inherit your mom’s posh singing talent.

As a survey reveals that we are such creatures of habit that we even have our favorite gas ring on the cooker and watch the same films over and over again. But here too there is filth. No one scoffs when I tell them I re-read The Great Gatsby or Pride and Prejudice. But if we watch movies over and over again, we are plebs.

Noel Gallagher’s soon-to-be ex-wife Sarah McDonald shows off a barbed wire heart tattoo as their divorce is finalized. He says he’s used to things being ‘more stable’. Let’s hope he doesn’t look back in anger once he realizes Sarah may be the Wonderwall that gives him his stability.

RMT boss Mick Lynch has defended his rail union’s decision to strike in the first week of the school summer holidays, causing havoc for people unable to travel abroad and relying on trains to get to their location. Has the Lynch crowd already booked their holiday flights, happy to put low-income families on the train?

Spotify insiders revealed that Harry proposed ideas for new projects that included interviewing Vladimir Putin and Pope Francis. He blames the media for portraying him as a ‘thico’, but he himself is fine with it.

Take a reality check, Kelly

To label Kelly Osbourne’s little rich Harry as a ‘whining, complaining t*t’ and privileged ‘prince of a goddamn country’ when she herself is the privileged princess of celebrity royalty with only mum and dad and their famous reality TV show The Osbournes behind them.

Kelly Osbourne

Sussex’s ‘sin’

Celebrating 75 years of the Windrush generation’s contribution to Britain, Sir Trevor Phillips said the Sussexes had ‘missed a golden opportunity to show everyone what this country is really like when it comes to race’.

The equality campaigner said they had made ‘a ridiculous story’ about their misbehaviour, adding: ‘It’s a sin in my book.’

With Harry and Meghan’s popularity in the UK and US at record lows, it’s a view shared by millions.

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