I’m a dating coach – here’s why people ghost you

I'm a dating coach - here's why people ghost you

The Dating Coach reveals the three real reasons why people ghost you — and a key tip for handling it

Sabrina Zohar, 33, is a dating coach who reveals why people ghost The California-based love expert who often shares relationship advice says that people become ghosts because they fear vulnerability.

A dating coach reveals three reasons why your crush might end things without saying a word.

Sabrina Johar, 33, often shares advice with love seekers and her already 422,000 TikTok followers.

More recently, the California-based love expert detailed the reasons why someone might ‘ghost’ you, or cut off all contact without explanation.

In one of her recent viral videos, Sabrina revealed that people often ghost others because they fear vulnerability, don’t know how to handle conflict, or seek other connections.

Sabrina Zohar, 33, is a dating coach who reveals three reasons why your crush broke things off without saying a word.

The California-based love expert often shares advice with those looking for love and those already connected with her 422,000 TikTok followers.

More recently, Sabrina detailed the reasons why someone might become ‘haunted’, or cut off all contact without explanation – from fear of vulnerability to

He captioned the clip: ‘Three reasons why people become ghosts,’

Before diving into his explanation, the dating coach advises his audience to keep something in mind when it comes to love and communication.

She said: ‘The first thing to remember is that just because you think things seem to be going well doesn’t mean they might feel the same.

‘They may be feeling it on the outside but it feels a little different on the inside.’

According to Sabrina, the number one reason your potential boyfriend stops talking to you is because they’re afraid to get too close.

He explained: ‘The first reason is fear of vulnerability, while someone may seem positive on the outside and super on the inside, on the inside they may be scared because vulnerability is terrifying to them.

‘The fear of rejection is so terrifying that they will demonize themselves to protect themselves from being hurt, even though it kind of backfires and hurts everyone involved. ‘

Next, Sabrina said that people demonize others because they don’t know how to handle conflict.

The second and third reasons are because people want to avoid ghost conflicts and because they want to explore other connections

He points out that if someone has never been taught how to manage conflict, they try their best to avoid it at all costs.

‘They’ll bolt so they don’t have to deal with someone else’s emotions.’

According to Dating Coach, the last reason someone might ghost you is ‘for listening to someone’s crush’.

‘The third reason is to explore other connections. Sometimes people meet someone else and they just think the other person will get a clue,’ he explained.

At the end of his video, he says: ‘It’s important to remember that you have nothing to do with ghosts.’

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