British Gas is paying customers out of their bills if they use energy on Sundays

British Gas is paying customers out of their bills if they use energy on Sundays

British Gas is paying customers off their bills if they swap peak-time energy use for Sundays – when usage is much lower.

British Gas will offer customers half price power on Sunday from 11am to 4pm Britain is able to avoid blackouts thanks to the discount scheme

British Gas will offer electricity at half price on Sundays for customers using electricity outside peak hours.

Customers will be eligible to get 50 percent discount on any electricity every Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm from June 25 to September 24.

The utility firm’s offer is in line with wider plans to ease pressure on the UK’s power grid by encouraging people to use electricity when demand is low.

Lower demand from business and industry on Sundays means more renewable energy is available on Britain’s power grid and less need to burn fossil fuels.

Electricity supplier British Gas said the new project could help customers knock up to £5m off their energy bills and boost the country’s sustainability.

British Gas customers will be eligible for a 50 per cent discount on electricity from 11am to 4pm on Sunday (File photo: A smart meter in the kitchen of a UK home)

The utility firm’s PeakSave scheme will now be launched this weekend in line with the National Grid’s wider effort to ease pressure on the UK’s power system during peak hours.

National Grid plans to switch customers’ electricity usage in 2022 in its first trial after gas prices spiked following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

British Gas boss Catherine O’Kelly said: ‘The electricity grid continues to face enormous pressure and we recognize the need to better manage periods of peak demand to ensure safer, more stable and more sustainable supplies across the UK.’

‘Since launching PeakSave last year, we have gained valuable insight into how we can manage periods of high demand on the grid while helping our customers make significant savings.’

New energy saving initiatives aim to ensure the British power system is able to avoid blackouts this winter.

It also aims to boost the use of electricity as more renewable electricity becomes available in the system as the UK pushes towards net zero.

British Gas currently sources 48 per cent of its electricity from renewables, 28 per cent from nuclear, 20 per cent from natural gas and 2 per cent from coal.

Incentivizing people to use electricity when there is excess renewable electricity reduces the need for suppliers to burn fossil fuels such as gas and coal.

The scheme aims to ensure the UK is able to avoid blackouts and increase electricity use as more renewable electricity becomes available (File photo: Wind turbines on Teesside)

Low levels of electricity storage capacity across the UK mean that renewable energy is usually wasted if not used immediately.

British Gas’ new deal is set to see the average customer save £29.25 across 14 Sundays, with the biggest savings set to be made when using the oven.

Consumers are likely to use more electricity on Sundays as they cook roast dinners and do housework, research shows.

Those who use their oven for two hours on a Sunday can save £8.90 over the entire 14 week period.

Customers can save £4.52 by washing their clothes on Sunday and a further £5.37 if they use a tumble dryer.

Vacuuming between 11am and 4pm will save all British Gas customers £2.97 on 14 Sundays.

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