Bellmore road rage ‘worst’ judge sees: Ford Raptor driver arrested over Getz attack

Bellmore road rage 'worst' judge sees: Ford Raptor driver arrested over Getz attack

EXCLUSIVE: Shocking alleged road rage attack described by no-nonsense judge as ‘worst I’ve seen’: Getz driver can never work again after ‘collision’ with Ford Raptor owner

Ford Raptor driver refused bail for alleged road rage attack Seasoned judge says alleged attack ‘worst I’ve seen’ Alleged victim, 47, ‘may never work again’

A seasoned magistrate has described a brutal alleged road rage attack as the ‘worst’ he has ever seen, as the alleged victim’s family say he will never be able to return to work as a bus driver.

Ford Raptor driver Din Decevic, 34, was refused bail in Sydney’s Bankstown Local Court this week for an alleged incident in which he is accused of assaulting John Totis, 47, owner of a Hyundai Getz and two children, in Belmore on Sunday, May 28.

Decevic was arrested in nearby Lakemba on Monday evening and refused bail by Magistrate Glenn Walsh, after the court heard he was already on bail on charges involving another man.

Police are investigating whether there was an incident between Decevic and Mr Totsis at a gym near Belmore Plus Fitness, before Mr Totsis returned home between 7pm and 7.15pm.

The father of two teenage sons stopped his Hyundai Getz hatchback on the corner of Peel and Bridge streets, near Belmore, and got out of his car, police will allege in court.

Moments later, police allege, Mr. Decevic parked his Ford Raptor utility behind Mr. Totsis’ Hyundai, got out of the car. Police will allege he then assaulted Mr Totsis, who fell to the ground, and then continued to attack him.

Mr Totsis has been unable to return to his job as a bus driver after suffering a brain seizure since the attack, his sister Vicki Totsis said, adding that he had ‘no memory’ of the incident.

Police have obtained CCTV from a Peel Street resident which shows the Ford Raptor during an alleged road rage incident that left Mr Tottis in hospital with serious injuries.

John Totsis (above with his partner, science teacher Liesel Rubilos) will not be able to resume his job as a bus driver after suffering a brain injury in an alleged road rage attack.

Fit and 188cm tall, Mr Totsis suffered a fractured skull and a cerebral haemorrhage when he was hit from behind and fell to the ground.

Next week, a month after the alleged attack, Mr. Totis will be transferred to a brain injury rehabilitation center.

Vicky Totsis questioned whether the alleged attack was ‘personal’ and whether it might have started during her brother’s late afternoon workout.

He said a good Samaritan passing motorist stopped to administer CPR to his brother at the scene.

Belmore Plus Fitness told Daily Mail Australia they had watched the gym’s CCTV to ‘pick up any strange body language’ of a possible fight.

However, a spokesman said Mr Totis was having a normal conversation and was ‘talking to a number of people that afternoon’.

Detectives arrested Mr Dacevic after a three-week investigation and he was remanded in custody and formally refused bail.

Later on Thursday, his subsequent bail application was denied.

Mr Totsis’ partner, high school science teacher Lizelle Rubilos, told Daily Mail Australia that she was stranded in the Philippines for an Australian visa she had applied to process with Mr Totsis.

When Vicky Totis posted a picture of her bruised and bloodied brother in hospital, Ms Rubilos wrote that she was tortured by the pictures of him in the hospital with a fractured skull and swelling of the brain.

Mr. Totsis (above at the hospital) was punched by Din Decevic and then helped by a Good Samaritan. He will soon be transferred to a brain injury rehabilitation center

Mr Totsis’ family have questioned whether anything happened before the incident when he trained at Belmore Plus Fitness (above) which has studied its CCTV and found no ‘strange looking body language’.

John Totis (above with Liesel Rubilos) remains in hospital with brain injuries after an alleged road rage attack by a 34-year-old man who was denied bail Thursday

‘Praying for your speedy recovery dear. It tortures me when I really want to see you, take care of you and be with you in this time of crisis, but I can’t now. I still don’t have a visa,’ Ms Rubilos posted on Facebook.

Vicky Totis said her nephew was ‘devastated’ by their father’s injuries and the family was now coming to terms with the fact he had a long road to recovery.

Mr Decevic’s case will return to court at a later date.

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