A line of white powder appears to form in Jamie Kah’s shock photo

A line of white powder appears to form in Jamie Kah's shock photo

The champion female jockey is seen racking up a line of white powder in shock photos – a day after announcing her return to racing

Champion jockey Jamie Kah accused of racking up a white substance The 27-year-old announced his return to racing on Thursday in a photo showing Kah making an illegal powder.

Photos of horse racing champion Jamie Kah making a line of white powder have gone viral on social media, just a day after he announced he was returning to the sport.

Kah, 27, announced Thursday that he was back in the saddle and preparing to return to racing, three months after a horrific fall that left him hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage and memory loss.

However, just a day later gruesome pictures circulated within the racing industry on WhatsApp showing Kah lining up in a white substance.

In one of the images, she is seen wearing a gray dress with white nails and resting her hand on her cheek as she smiles at the camera.

Racing champion Jamie Kah is shown lining up a white substance

An image of Kah’s right hand sharing a mound of white powder appeared on WhatsApp

The bombshell development comes just a day after he announced his racing return

News Corp reports that Kah is pictured with close friend and housemate Jacob Beadle, who is a greyhound trainer. She is seen pouting for pictures in a ribbed cream turtleneck jumper.

Another girl draws a peace sign with her hand, a gray plate placed on a marble kitchen table.

The second image shows Kah’s hands – with the same manicured nails and gray jumper – using a plastic card to divide the mounds of white powder onto the plate seen in the first image.

Next to the plate on the same marble kitchen is a small bag containing white powder and a vape.

Kah has yet to respond to news of the photo’s release and racing insiders told the Herald Sun he was unaware he was being photographed lining up the white substance.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Kah’s management for comment.

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