Truck driver pulls climate change protesters off road in Brisbane

Truck driver pulls climate change protesters off road in Brisbane

Right now climate change activists were forced away by a furious Aussie truck after blocking a busy motorway in Brisbane on Wednesday morning.

Protesting environmental issues, protesters lined the Port of Brisbane Motorway, one of the city’s busiest routes, causing massive traffic jams.

But the protesters were no match for an Aussie truck driver, who dragged them off the tarmac and dumped them on the side of the road.

Protesters, repeatedly tried to get back into the street – only for the truck to drag them back.

Earlier pictures showed five masked protesters posing with two silver cars across the highway.

A woman tied herself to the car and had to be cut out by the police.

The video was shared online with hundreds of Aussie drivers applauding.

On Wednesday a truck driver (pictured in a high-vis vest) was filmed dragging the blockaded Australia protesters off the Port of Brisbane motorway.

‘This guy needs a medal,’ said one.

‘This driver is a legend. They are playing with people and their livelihood,’ added a second.

‘Makes me cringe how they sit there with such an entitled attitude! Good luck pulling them off as they deserve,’ added a third.

Police said three protesters were arrested for the peak-hour blockade that caused a kilometer-long traffic jam.

The stunt was the latest in a series of protests organized online by Blockade Australia that have caused massive delays in major cities this week.

Several protests have used a ‘monopole’ – a small pole held by three ropes to suspend a protester from the center – to block roads.

Five protesters have been arrested since Monday.

Pictures from before the blockade (above) show masked protesters posing on top of cars parked across the motorway, with a woman in chains between them.

Police say three protesters arrested for peak-hour blockade (above) in Brisbane

The group struck again on Thursday, this time delaying a series of coal trains.

A 62-year-old woman jumped on a coal train bound for the harbor in Melbourne.

As of 10am, emergency services were at the scene and the woman was still on top, causing significant operation delays.

A 16-year-old girl and a 64-year-old woman in NSW’s Hunter Valley trapped themselves on top of a coal train at Singleton, delaying its journey to Newcastle by two hours.

Both protests were streamed live on Facebook with the 16-year-old telling viewers: ‘I’m really worried about my future and taking action today because I believe the system is pushing us towards ecological collapse.’

The group boasted about the blocks on Instagram, writing: ‘Epic! 11 times in four days and counting, blockades have shut down operations at Australia’s major export facilities.’

When asked how long the disruptive protests would last, Blockade Australia told Daily Mail: ‘Protesters have been blocking roads, rails and ports for as long as there have been roads, rails and ports.

‘They are part of the national infrastructure that is accessible to the general public.

‘Block Australia and allied direct action groups will continue to disrupt the destructive systems that are killing our world for as long as it takes.’

On Thursday three more protesters delayed a train from Singleton to Newcastle port and a train to Melbourne port (pictured, 16-year-old girl who boarded a train at Singleton).

NSW Premier Chris Minns said he was meeting with Facebook chiefs and police to discuss how to block illegal protest livestreams, the Daily Telegraph reported.

‘These thrilling protesters are putting lives at risk – both their own and those of the emergency services and the police,’ Mr Means said.

‘Their business model relies on social media to broadcast their protests.

“We will sit down with the police and Facebook on what more can be done to stop the broadcasting of illegal work.”

Blockade Australia’s response: ‘Silent protests on Facebook won’t cool the planet. There are many other media platforms for activists.

‘We are in discussions with our network about banning the infinite profit economic model that causes climate collapse.’

Blockade Australia protest


Newcastle: Woman hangs herself from railway bridge near Curraghang Island Terminal in Newcastle Port

BRISBANE: A woman blocked the highway near the port of Brisbane

MELBOURNE: 50-year-old man in Monopole stops traffic at Port of Melbourne via Appleton Rd


BRISBANE: 59-year-old man hangs himself from monopole on Port of Brisbane Road

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on wednesday

BRISBANE: Five protesters blocked the Port of Brisbane Motorway by parking two cars across the lane

MELBOURNE: 20-year-old woman suspends herself from Footscray Rd bridge and blocks traffic at Port of Melbourne

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Singleton: Two women, aged 16 and 64, boarded a coal train at Singleton bound for Newcastle Port.

Melbourne: A 62-year-old woman jumped on top of the train at the port of Melbourne

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