The Justice Department has ‘multiple’ recordings of the former president in a classified documents case

The Justice Department has 'multiple' recordings of the former president in a classified documents case

Trump has more tapes: The Justice Department has ‘multiple’ recordings of former president in classified documents case – including his bragging about files detailing attacks on Iran

Prosecutors gave evidence to Trump team as part of discovery process that included ‘interviews’ conducted with non-governmental organizations

The government has turned over copies of ‘interviews’ given by former President Donald Trump as part of preparations for his trial on document charges under the Espionage Act – multiple tapes prosecutors are relying on as evidence.

The government shared the information as part of the discovery process during the run-up to a trial scheduled to begin in August.

The government’s 37-count indictment is quoted directly from an interview Trump conducted at his Bedminster, New Jersey club with the author and publisher of former chief of staff Mark Meadows’ book. The conversations contain key information that Trump described as classified when discussing plans to attack Iran.

According to the government’s response to the court’s discovery order, prosecutors ‘produced interviews of defendant Trump conducted by private agencies, which were recorded with his consent and obtained by the Office of Special Counsel during its investigation of the case, including on July 21. , a 2021 recorded interview defendant Trump gave to a publisher and author cited in the indictment.’

Prosecutors Provide Lawyers With ‘Interviews’ Of Former President Donald Trump Conducted With ‘Private Firms’

It does not otherwise provide information about the content of the interview, or whether it came from a traditional media entity.

Prosecutors also turned over “public statements made by defendant Trump, including public statements cited in the indictment.”

It follows claims by legal experts that Trump admitted key facts in the case during a Fox News interview in which he defended his conduct even as he said he had the documents at home, in a media tour in which he repeatedly blasted the government investigation. A ‘witch hunt.’

Asked in the interview why he didn’t hand over the documents the government was requesting, Trump replied: ‘Because I had the box. I like to go through the boxes and take out my personal belongings. I don’t want to hand it over [the Archives] yet. And I’ve been very busy as you see.’

The filing also lists witnesses for the government who will testify at trial.

And it says Trump’s lawyers may contact the feds to arrange an inspection of unclassified items seized at Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8, 2022, during FBI searches of the president’s home and private golf club.

Both parties are engaged in the discovery process, in which prosecutors must share evidence they have gathered on the defendant. Information about alleged co-conspirator Walt Nauter has not yet been shared

The feds plan to use Trump’s own public statements as evidence

Special counsel Jack Smith is leading the Trump investigation

As the filing states, Trump has not spoken to the federal grand jury that handed up the 37-count indictment.

His longtime body man and associate Walt Nauta did, however. Some of his statements are included in the indictment, which accuses Trump of willfully withholding national security information and accuses the pair of conspiring to withhold information from a grand jury and the FBI.

Prosecutors also turned over Nauta’s May 26 interview to the FBI and his June 21 testimony before the grand jury.

Nauta is scheduled for next week. Trump pleaded not guilty to his own charges in Miami, then went to Bedminster and blasted prosecutors in a speech.

Prosecutors also said they would reveal any promises of immunity or leniency – following a report that it may be too late for Nauta to try to ‘overturn’ Trump and reach a cooperation deal with the government.

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