The Coast Guard provides detailed maps of where rescuers have searched for the missing Titan sub

The Coast Guard provides detailed maps of where rescuers have searched for the missing Titan sub

The US Coast Guard, which is coordinating the rescue operation for the missing submarine above the Titanic wreck, has released a new graphic detailing their massive search pattern.

The image released Wednesday night shows the area above the shipwreck, marked with a large red X, and the area surveyed by the Canadian Coast Guard boat John Cabot, commercial vessels Scandi Vinland and Atlantic Marlin, and a joint coastal rescue effort with Guard C-130 crews also continuing to search. arrived at the scene for

The search area has now expanded to nearly 14,000 square miles – twice the size of the state of Connecticut.

The update also states that several more resources are being mobilized to assist in the increasingly desperate search.

Among these are Canadian CGS Ann Harvey, Canadian CGS Terry Fox, Motor Vessel Horizon Arctic (ROV), French Research Vessel L’Atalante (ROV).

The image shows the area above the wreck, marked with a large red X, and the areas surveyed by the joint rescue effort

The Canadian military shared footage of the rescue effort in a video posted on Twitter on Wednesday.

In addition, the Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Glace Bay, which carries a mobile decompression chamber and medical personnel, Air National Guard C-130 and Magellan’s ROV will also join the effort.

‘The Navy is sending subject matter experts and a Flyway Deep Ocean Salvage System (FADOSS), a motion-compensated lift system designed to provide reliable deep-sea lifting capability for large, heavy and bulky undersea objects such as aircraft or small salvage. Ships’ from the Navy’s Supervisor of Salvage, said a press release.

‘Skills and equipment will support the unified command.’

The search for the missing submersible, which lost contact with its mothership while diving into the wreckage of the Titanic on Sunday, has become increasingly tense as the Titanic’s oxygen supply is expected to run out on Thursday morning.

Billionaire Hamish Harding, French explorer Paul-Henri Nargiolet, Oceangate CEO Stockton Rush and Shahzada Daoud, 48, a board member of the UK-based Prince’s Trust charity, and his son Sulaiman Daoud, 19, are said to be among those trapped. Sub

They left for the wreck on Sunday morning and quickly lost contact with the surface.

Two submersibles capable of descending to 20,000 feet below sea level are currently leading the underwater search.

The vehicles are being assisted by a fleet of specialized vessels that contain equipment that could help lift the Titan from the seabed – if it can be found.

Underwater vehicles 12,500 feet below the Titanic’s wreckage may be able to locate the Titan, but the mammoth task of retrieving it will require additional specialized equipment.

Hopes of a recovery rose slightly on Wednesday when a Canadian P-3 aircraft equipped with sonar detected periodic ‘banging’ sounds, which experts believe came from the Titan’s crew.

The new pattern (above) shows searches completed on Wednesday compared to the search area covered on Tuesday (below).

Oceangate’s Titan submersible went missing Sunday morning shortly after leaving for the wreck of the Titanic and is running low on oxygen.

As the search for the missing Titan submersible becomes increasingly desperate, the world’s most advanced underwater search equipment is deployed to search the depths of the Atlantic.

The Coast Guard chief coordinating the search said sounds were initially heard overnight and more were detected Wednesday.

The P-3 is one of several models of aircraft that scours the ocean surface and helps search using sonar equipment for signs of activity on the seabed.

A number of military and commercial vessels are also on site, offering a mix of search capabilities, communications equipment and rescue equipment should the Titan be found.

In the end, it’s up to the submersible to keep an eye on the Titan if it remains at the bottom of the ocean – or if it’s trapped in the wreckage of the Titanic.

Sean Litt, co-founder of Horizon Maritime Services, the company that owns Titan’s mothership Polar Prince, said on Wednesday that he had never seen advanced search ‘equipment in nature move so fast’.

The missing Oceangate submersible, the Titan, lost contact with the mothership during its approach to the wreck on Sunday morning.

However, a gold expert has claimed that the ‘bang’ heard by search and rescue ships at the site of the missing Titanic tourist sub could be ‘fragments’ and ‘debris’ from the iconic wreck.

Jeff Carson, professor emeritus of earth and environmental sciences at Syracuse University, told that the sounds could be ‘wishful thinking’ by the Coast Guard.

The noise was detected by the US Navy on Wednesday morning after a Canadian P3 search plane detected underwater noises on Tuesday night.

Carson said he wouldn’t be shocked if wherever that sound is, there aren’t submarines.

Speaking to he said: ‘One possibility is that sounds are bouncing around the debris. And so it’s a more complex echo.

‘It’s not just jumping off a thing. It’s jumping off a bunch of things. And it’s like dropping a marble in a tin can, you know. It is roaring around and it will confuse the location.

‘Ghatkani, I heard about the Coast Guard. I wonder how much of this is just wishful thinking?

‘Is it really a knocking sound or just some unfamiliar sound? I think that is a more accurate description at the moment.

‘In past investigations, looking for seafloor damage objects, I know all sorts of crazy noises were discovered. It’s just one more thing we don’t understand about the ocean, our own planet.

‘It is not possible to tell where the sound is coming from or how far away. Personally, I’m concerned that the sound is coming from something that’s too far from where they need to be looking.

‘But they have to follow it. It’s the best lead now. Everything is being done. It’s all hands on deck, international ships, everyone doing the best they can.’

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