Hamish Harding’s stepson says he is going through hell and worries for his stepfather

Hamish Harding's stepson says he is going through hell and worries for his stepfather

The stepson of British tycoon Hamish Harding has claimed he is going through hell and is worried about the missing adventurer – after receiving backlash for attending a Blink-182 concert after the sub went missing.

Brian Sage has faced massive backlash from Cardi B and others for attending a concert the day after his stepfather disappeared on a Titan submersible and asking only for fan models to sit on his face.

In his Instagram stories, Sajas – who claimed $100 in his name alone – said ‘the whole situation is the king’s nightmare.’

‘Everything about it, especially what Hamish is going through is just god-awful,’ he said. ‘I haven’t slept in days, [but] It’s not about me. obviously, [I’m] Very worried for my mother [and] situation, so I’m not swinging or whatever they’re trying to accuse me of.

‘It makes the King’s situation worse.’

Brian Sage says he ‘hasn’t slept in a while’ because he’s ‘so worried about my mum’ [and] The situation after his billionaire stepfather Hamish Harding went missing in a sub on the Titanic wreck.

In the past few days, Szasz has received a lot of criticism for attending a Blink-182 concert and only commenting on the fan creator’s page instead of expressing his condolences.

She claims the only fan model she’s asked to sit on her face is a friend of hers and she makes a cheeky comment ‘every day’ on her post and everyone ‘flips.’

‘He wished me well, he wished my family well,’ he said.

‘Give it a break, there’s nothing wrong with that,’ he told his followers. ‘I’m just tired of bull.’

During her rant, she referred to Cardi B as a complete ‘b**ch’ who was looking for ‘clout’.

Sajas also said he ‘can’t go to sea’ because he doesn’t have enough funds to leave California for Canada and ‘there’s a legal situation that keeps me here too.’

‘I can’t get on the flight, I don’t have a passport,’ he admitted. He said he watched the news for two days and went to the Blink-182 concert for a quick two-hour break to relax and just shake his head.

‘The submarine is stuck to the Titanic, there’s nothing I can do about the situation,’ he said.

Saj initially asked her followers to think of her family on Wednesday morning, writing, ‘Please keep my family in your prayers!’

Harding, 58, (pictured) and four others went missing on Sunday off the coast of Canada in the Titan submersible when their oxygen supply ran out.

But he was quickly mocked online for giving the Only Fan star a pass.

One person said: ‘Lamao quote tweeting is a thirst trap when your stepdad is lost at sea, it’s wild business.’

In a Facebook post, she initially said her family ‘wanted to be there’, sharing a snap from the San Diego show.

Another added, ‘This guy loves Blink-182 and women sit on his face and he’s not afraid to let the world know.’

After Cardi B made a video calling her out for attending a concert, Szas then liked a post saying ‘no one can judge how you deal with this trauma’.

The rapper insisted the stepson should be waiting for updates on his stepfather’s whereabouts instead of being ‘at home, crying’ and ‘shaking d***ks’ at a concert.

He captioned it: ‘It might be uncomfortable to be here but my family would want me to be at the Blink-182 show because it’s my favorite band and music gets me through hard times!’

Cardi B called him out for not being home during this stressful time, where she referred to him as a ‘total b*ch’ and said she attended the concert for a few hours of relief.

He is the only fan claiming to be friends with the model and commenting on her posts daily. obviously, [I’m] Very worried for my mother [and] situation, so I’m not swinging or whatever they’re trying to accuse me of. It only makes things worse for Raja,’ she said on her Instagram story. ‘Give it a break, there’s nothing wrong with that. ‘I’m just tired of seeing bulls’

Billionaires Harding, 58, and Shahzada Daoud, 48, a board member of the UK-based Prince’s Trust charity, and his son Sulaiman Daoud, 19, Oceangate chief executive Stockton Rush and French navy veteran PH Nargiolet are all aboard the submarine. Missing on Sunday.

The missing Titanic submersible is expected to run out of oxygen at 7 a.m. EST today, the U.S. Coast Guard warned — with efforts to rescue the five people trapped aboard in full force overnight.

The ship, named Titan, lost contact with tour operators on Sunday while sailing the Titanic shipwreck off the coast of Canada, about 435 miles south of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

The US Coast Guard is leading a massive international rescue effort that was stepped up Tuesday and again Wednesday after underwater noises were heard, although experts were unable to determine the cause of the noise.

A US Coast Guard spokesman said a countdown had begun as the critical oxygen supply ran out at 7:08 a.m. ET.

The wreck of the Titanic lies 12,500 feet below water – about 11,000 feet deeper than many members of the US and British navies can dive.

Oceangate expedition CEO Stockton Rush (right) along with French Navy veteran PH Nargiolet (left) are believed to be taking part in the expedition.

Shahzada Dawood, 48, is a board member of the UK-based Prince’s Trust charity and her son Sulaiman Dawood, 19, is on the board.

The announcement paints a bleak picture for those trapped inside the stranded vessel, but officials continue to insist that the hunt is ‘100 percent’ still a search and rescue operation.

Rescuers, including USCG, British Navy and French and Canadian teams, are moving quickly as the rescue window narrows.

They face a battle against time and with less than twelve hours of oxygen left on the ship, experts say the people inside will try to reduce their breathing to conserve the remaining supplies.

Rescuers are not giving up hope, U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Jamie Frederick insisted Wednesday, even as people around the world count the hours until the ship runs out of oxygen.

‘We have to be hopeful and optimistic when we are in search and rescue.’

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