Ron DeSantis Takes His Battle With Newsom To San Francisco — And Tears Down Homelessness

Ron DeSantis Takes His Battle With Newsom To San Francisco — And Tears Down Homelessness

‘We saw people defecating in the streets’: Ron DeSantis takes his battle with Newsom to San Francisco — and homelessness and people openly using heroin

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis releases video for California Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow state to descend into chaos DeSantis dares Newsom to enter 2024 Democratic primary – but California governor says he’ll do it ‘under no circumstances’ no

Ron DeSantis isn’t taking a hit from California Governor Gavin Newsom — sitting down and releasing a video from San Francisco of him walking through the horrors of what he calls a ‘once great city’.

The Florida governor continued the East vs. West Coast feud with Newsom during his western campaign swing last week, which included a campaign fundraiser in Sacramento.

He said Newsom was ‘doing it all wrong’ and detailed some of the city’s sights, including seeing homeless people going to the bathroom on the street and using drugs in the open.

Newsom has continually attacked DeSantis for his policies in Florida — even releasing an ad earlier this year urging Americans not to vote for the governor with the tagline ‘Don’t Make America Florida.’

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released a video from the streets of San Francisco in which he slammed California’s leadership for allowing the state to descend into chaos.

DeSantis and California Gov. Gavin Newsom have engaged in an ongoing war of words over the separate governing styles between the east and west coast states.

DeSantis’ team is using the same rhetoric in return, releasing an email with a one-minute video with the subject line: ‘Don’t make California our nation.’

‘We’re here in the once great city of San Francisco,’ DeSantis said in a straight-to-camera video shot on the streets of the California city.

‘We came here and saw people defecating on the streets. We saw people using heroin. We saw people smoking crack cocaine,’ he elaborated. ‘And you look around and the city is no longer vibrant. It has really collapsed due to leftist policies. And because of this policy, people have fled this area.’

Newsom claims that DeSantis’ policies are too sound, but DeSantis counters that his California opponent’s laws have led to the downfall of the Golden State.

‘They don’t prosecute criminals like most of the country and it’s really sad to see the wreckage,’ DeSantis said in the video. ‘I have seen many businesses board up. I saw so much riff-raff just running around. This shows you that these principles are important. Leadership is important.’

‘They are making a mistake here,’ he added.

‘No wonder we’ve had so many people move from San Francisco to Florida in the last few years. We have to stop this madness. We need to bring sanity back to this country.’

The battle between opposing coastal state leaders intensified after DeSantis entered the Republican presidential primary race last month.

DeSantis last week dared Newsom to enter the 2024 primary against President Joe Biden as the California Democrat continues to say he does not plan to run.

DeSantis said that while in San Francisco, he saw homeless people going to the bathroom on the street and using drugs in the open.

Homelessness and crime have risen in recent years in California and other Democratic cities

“He has a real serious streak at Florida State,” DeSantis said of Newsom during a press conference in Florida last Thursday. ‘I mean, I think it’s weird that he does that.’

‘What I would say to him is: you know what, stop walking around. Will you throw your hat in the ring and challenge Joe?’ asked Florida’s governor. ‘Are you going to go in and do it, or are you just going to sit on the sidelines and chirp?’

Newsom said over the weekend that there was “no chance on God’s green earth” that he was running for president in 2024.

But he also made it clear that he thinks DeSantis is a ‘weak’ and ‘erratic’ candidate who will be ‘crushed by Donald Trump’ in the primary.

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