Recruiter called out for ‘ridiculous’ advice after revealing why he hired new staff

Recruiter called out for 'ridiculous' advice after revealing why he hired new staff

Recruiter gets slammed after revealing he hired someone because they sent a long thank-you note after an interview – and says other potential employers should do the same

An LA recruiter shared what showed a candidate post-interview, instead of the usual ‘thank you note’, the hopeful wrote an essay about his ‘value’ TikTok users called the recruiter’s ‘advice’ ‘free labour’

A job expert has been called out for giving ‘ridiculous’ advice after revealing the reasons why he hired a new employee.

Julia Haber, a recruiter from Los Angeles, caused a stir on social media when she spoke about a successful candidate who caught her attention by writing a ‘thank you’ note, saying: ‘This email will get you hired.’

In her TikTok video, which has received over 340,000 views, Julia shows the post-interview message from the ‘recent grad’ detailing the value she can bring to their team.

The recruiter begins the video, saying: ‘I just interviewed a recent grad for a full-time role and her thank you note alone would be a reason to hire her.’

The recruiter shares what turned a potential employee on post-interview. Instead of the usual ‘thank you note’, the hopeful wrote an essay on his ‘value’

Julia explained specific steps that set the interviewee apart.

‘He thoughtfully explains how he understands our business, [and] He took a theme of our conversation and elaborated on an idea he could bring to the table,’ he said.

He added the interview ‘brought real value to me and my team.’

Julia says the recent graduate’s move made all the difference to the recruiter.

But not everyone was happy with Julia’s advice.

Many took issue with ‘using potential employees for ideas’ before hiring companies.

Another added: ‘Why should I bend over backwards to be considered for a role I’m clearly interested in? I’m tired.’

A third person raised concerns: ‘We are giving companies too much courage with this BS (bulls***). Any company that hires a candidate over another BC [red flags].’

Commentators were quick to call Julia’s ‘consultation’ ‘free labour’

More commenters joined the fury, writing: ‘You people expect too much.’

Others had similar sentiments, with one TikTok user writing: ‘You people expect too much.’

Meanwhile someone else joked: ‘It’s chatgypt haha.’

Another viewer wrote: ‘I mean well for him! I sent you a thank you email on Monday, but kept it short and simple. It is already fielding many applications and job interviews.’

But some are taking a stand for the candidate.

‘AI or not, this is what it takes to stand out! I love the initiative,’ read one comment.

Another added: ‘Only people who take such initiatives forward are hired.’

One wrote: ‘I hope they get the role.’

Julia confirmed the good news, responding: ‘He did!! (sic)’

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