Fake German heiress Anna Delvi spotted taking out trash in NYC apartment

Fake German heiress Anna Delvi spotted taking out trash in NYC apartment

Fake heiress Anna ‘Delvy’ Sorokin was spotted leaving her East Village apartment building in New York City with a full garbage bag.

Unlike most New Yorkers, Sorokin opted for a fully glammed-up look to take out the trash.

The Eastern European impostor looked to be wearing flipped hair, heeled black sandals, black stockings, a black minidress with an oversized black belt, a silver clutch, several ornate gold jewelry, and of course her ankle monitor – all a chore that most people would wear. hates

A few weeks ago, it was revealed that ‘Delvy’ was launching a podcast called ‘The Anna Delvy Show’ while under house arrest, which will question traditional notions of right and wrong and ponder what it means to be a rule breaker.

Fake heiress Anna ‘Delvy’ Sorokin was spotted flaunting her junk in a full glam look

Her chic all-black look was on display for a moment as she presumably posed on her stoop before heading back upstairs, where she remains under house arrest.

‘The Anna Delvy Show’ will feature guests including Emily Ratajkowski, Julia Fox and Whitney Cummings, as she discusses ‘what it means to be a rule breaker.’

Delvy’s lavish lifestyle as a con artist was captured in the 2022 miniseries Inventing Anna, which tells the story of a woman who leads New York’s elite into believing she is a German heiress, so she can bank a personal stash of cash and belongings. . He looks to open an art-themed club.

In the trailer for her new show shared on Audio Up’s YouTube channel, Delvi said: ‘You might recognize my name as a character from a Netflix series… but now you can meet the real me.

‘On this show I’ll dive into the concept of rules and talk to the people who make or break them – from art, politics, fashion, technology, finance, law and more.’

His show, he says, will ‘question traditional notions of right and wrong’, recorded from his $4,250-a-month East Village apartment while under house arrest.’

In interview clips, he can be heard talking to guests about going to jail, the ‘craziest thing you’ve ever done for art’ and stories about canceling culture.

Delvi will use the platform to debut her first single with her own songwriting and production by Audio Up CEO Jared Gutstad.

Speaking about the decision to launch the show a year after ‘Inventing Anna’ premiered on Netflix in February 2022, she said: ‘This will be the first time I have my own platform to share my personal views on the public’s fascination with my life. Stories during conversations with guests across multiple industries including business, media, entertainment, art and more.’

The pretend heiress was equipped to perform a mostly menial household task

Sorokin wore several pieces of ornate gold jewelry captured on camera

As always, Sorokin was spotted sporting her court-ordered ankle monitors, which she often opts to pair with black heels.

Delvy poses for a shot at the door of her Manhattan apartment building, with her name painted on the side

‘Delvi’ flaunts a new look as she poses for promotional photos for her podcast

Anna Sorokin, wearing an ankle monitor, and her new lawyer appeared in Manhattan Civil Court

At one point, Delvy claimed he was worth $60 million, according to reports. But his thief was discovered and faced criminal charges.

Russian-born Sorokin spent two years in prison on charges of grand larceny and theft of services.

Despite being sentenced to four years in prison in April 2019, he was released for good behavior and enjoyed a brief spell of freedom until he was rearrested for overstaying his visa.

While under house arrest, where he must remain in his home and wear an ankle monitor at all times, Sorokin has been seen posing for photo shoots and speaking to the media in his East Village apartment.

She said in 2022 that her house arrest and ankle monitor did not get in the way of her enjoying a rich social life, inviting her elite circle of friends to dinner parties every month.

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