Conor McGregor’s rape accuser claims NBA offered her $100,000 hush money

Conor McGregor's rape accuser claims NBA offered her $100,000 hush money

Conor McGregor’s sexual assault accuser is setting her sights on the NBA, the Miami Heat and the Miami Police Department for ‘misuse’ after his alleged assault, his lawyer says.

Attorney Ariel Mitchell told that Heat and NBA officials offered to keep the June 10 incident quiet and offer the alleged victim a hush-hush payment.

‘The NBA offered us $100,000 to stay sober,’ Mitchell said. ‘When the news spread they withdrew the offer.’

Mitchell said both the Heat and the basketball league could be held responsible for what happened to his client.

‘McGregor didn’t have some security guards standing by when this happened. They were hired by the Heat,’ Mitchell said. ‘They chose to look after a celebrity instead of protecting a young woman in trouble.’

Attorney Ariel Mitchell represents Conor McGregor’s rape accuser and told that her client is setting his sights on the NBA and the Miami Heat.

The footage shows McGregor sitting at a club table with the MMA fighter who claims he sexually assaulted her in a bathroom minutes later.

The pair are seen holding drinks as the woman gestures. McGregor then says something inaudible before walking away is protecting the woman’s identity and not naming her due to the nature of the alleged crime.

Arielle Mitchell, the lawyer for one of the women who accused McGregor of sexual assault, spoke to

Mitchell said the alleged victim was brushed off by Miami police when he tried to report the assault hours after the alleged incident at the Miami Heat’s downtown arena.

Mike Buss, the NBA’s chief communications officer, told that the league paid nothing to the woman.

‘This claim is completely false,’ he said.

Miami Heat spokesman Tim Donovan did not return a call and email requesting comment.

According to Mitchell: ‘First, the police went to the precinct where he lives and there they told him to go to the other precinct where it happened. So, it’s a sexual assault victim’s refusal.

‘Then, in the correct area, he walked in shortly after 4.30pm and half an hour later, he was kicked out of the police station.’

What happened, Mitchell said, was that detectives called into the lobby of the precinct where the alleged victim reported her assault talked her out of filing an accurate report.

‘He had her out of the building in no time,’ says Mitchell. ‘Detectives asked him to hire an attorney before filing a complaint with the police. He told her: ‘If you file today, it will go viral.’ Of course, that convinced him to wait and that doesn’t bode well for the investigation.’

Also, Mitchell said, the police’s recognition that a sexual assault report would go viral is a failure of the institution.

‘How will it go viral if the police themselves don’t report it to the media?’ Mitchell wondered aloud.

McGregor took a swing at Miami Heat mascot Barney the night the alleged attack took place during halftime of Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

The woman’s attorney sent a letter to McGregor this week detailing the alleged incident. He denied the allegations

Eventually, the alleged victim hired Mitchell, who took her back to the police station on June 14, four days after the incident.

“They know what they’ve done,” Mitchell said when asked if his client wants to sue the Miami Police Department. ‘They gave him back. They turned away victims of sexual assault.’

‘The NBA offered us $100,000 to stay sober,’ Mitchell said. ‘They withdrew the offer when the news spread’

Mitchell said his client had surrendered clothing belonging to the alleged victim from the night of the alleged attack which he described as having ‘McGregor’s DNA’ on it.

‘The police didn’t even ask for it,’ says Mitchell. ‘I had to ask for the clothes to be put into evidence.’

Miami Police Officer Michael Vega, a spokesman for the department, declined to provide details and release an incident report because he said the investigation is ongoing.

He, however, said the serial number in the incident report showed a case opened on June 11.

“We opened the case when the victim first came forward,” Vega said. ‘As is the case with many investigations, he had to return for additional information. I can’t imagine any officer or detective in this department turning away a victim of a sex crime.’

It’s an incident that McGregor denies ever happened.

Shortly after the end of Game 4 of the NBA Finals, in which the Denver Nuggets took a 3-1 lead over the Miami Heat, McGregor allegedly forced a young woman into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her. Guards are posted outside to prevent anyone from entering.

Once in the bathroom, she told police the MMA fighter, who weighed little to no body fat, tried to perform oral sex on her and sexually assault her without her consent.

McGregor, the defacto face of the UFC, sat courtside for most of the game and even performed a mid-game comedy bit with the Heat’s mascot Barney.

Instead of a mock fight with Barney, a 7-foot-6 mascot with orange fur and a basketball for a nose, McGregor Coldcock hits the mascot and sends its occupant to the emergency room with injuries.

McGregor and his fiance Dee Devlin with their three children; Connor Jr., Croya and Ryan. They are expecting their fourth child together

McGregor, who is recovering from a broken leg and is scheduled to fight Michael Chandler in the fall, is expecting his fourth child with fiance Dee Devlin.

Mitchell said his client would be ‘willing to go home with (McGregor).’

However, when he left the club area with his entourage and someone grabbed his client’s arm, Mitchell said, the young woman believed she was leaving the arena for a night out on the town, not a quick trip to the bathroom.

Mitchell said his client returned home on the evening of June 10 and began to think about the events in the field.

‘He was upset about it,’ said Mitchell. ‘She spoke to her family and she decided to go to the police.

Mitchell added his client left Miami over the weekend and is currently in an undisclosed location outside of Florida after receiving what Mitchell called ‘death threats’.

‘He had a crying fit,’ Mitchell said of his client. ‘His sanity is at stake here. So he decided to do Leah

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