Trump’s classified documents jury trial begins Aug. 14

Trump's classified documents jury trial begins Aug. 14

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago classified documents jury trial to begin Aug. 14: Florida judge sets two-week deadline for federal case against former president

Donald Trump’s trial in the classified documents case is listed to begin on August 14, a week and a half before the first Republican presidential debate.

Judge Eileen Cannon signed an order for a jury trial that could last two weeks at her courthouse in Fort Pierce, Florida.

However, Trump’s legal team and prosecutors are expected to delay the July 24 filing of the motion.

“This case is set for a criminal jury trial within a two-week period beginning August 14, 2023, or as soon as the case may be called thereafter,” the order states.

The latest development in the case came hours after Trump told Fox News’ Brett Baer that he had not returned the boxes of sensitive files because he was ‘too busy’.

Donald Trump’s trial in the classified documents case is listed as starting on August 14

Trump appeared in federal court in Miami last week and pleaded not guilty to 37 counts related to his misuse of classified material, including the willful withholding of national defense information and making false statements.

He told Bayer that he had ‘zero’ concerns about being convicted in the case ‘as a matter of law’.

The former president said he only didn’t return the documents because he wanted to go through the boxes and ‘get out all my personal stuff.’

‘And I’ve been very busy, as you’ve seen,’ Trump said. ‘I have to get all my stuff out before I send the box. These boxes were crammed with all sorts of things – golf shirts, dresses, pants, shoes – there was a lot.’

Trump said Monday that he had not returned the classified documents to the National Archives because he had not had time to go through the boxes taken from the White House.

Baer pressed Trump on whether the boxes contained U.S. war plans to attack Iran, which were mentioned in the indictment.

‘I don’t know that. I don’t know that,’ said the former commander-in-chief. ‘But all is revealed,’ he argued.

‘And Biden didn’t have the right to do that because he wasn’t the president. Nor did Mike Pence, however, have the right to do so because he was not the president.’

Pence is already off the hook for classified documents found among his belongings at his Indiana home.

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